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Time's almost running out for gifts this month! Bitch has some advice in the form of gift guides, which we're posting to highlight the work of our favorite artists and groups, plus to offer ideas for finding presents for the people you love. This edition of Bitch in a Box is a gift guide for your frequent traveler friends.

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Do you have that friend that crosses the ocean more often than you clean out your fridge? The one that you're no longer surprised that yesterday's tweets came from New York and todays are from Germany? Here's a few gift ideas for the jetsetter in your life.

Weekender Bag

Pocampo is a woman-owned company based out of Chicago that specializes in bags that transition from work to the bike to the gym. This Pocampo Midway Weekender bag, while it doesn't have the bike/stroller attachment of their other bags, is pretty, reasonably priced, and big enough to easily fit three days worth of travel gear. There's even a separate pocket for shoes/dirty laundry. It's also vegan and produced under certified fair working conditions. The company supports World Bicycle Relief Fund, providing schoolgirls in Africa with donated bicycles. That makes the Midway Weekender an ethical and practical gift for a stylish traveler!



Passport Case


As someone with a well-worn passport, I've learned a dedicated passport case can be very helpful at prolonging the life of one's ID.  They're supposed to last ten years! There's an abundance of cute handmade passport covers on Etsy, featuring handsewn felt letters, airplanes, mustaches, and even lasercats. If you're really crafty, here's a tutorial to make your own.





A frugal but thoughtful present - airplane travel sized bottles that are squeezable and easily refillable. Helps to separate one's life into three ounce bits.



Crumpled Map

One of the most frustrating things about a map is folding it back into its labyrinth. This map is a great alternative, being able to be crumped over and over, no folding necessary. The texture feels a bit weird, but the map holds up great and actually doubles as a sit-upon for dirty bus stop seats or park grass. There's a ton of cities to choose from!




I'm a sucker for well-designed books of lists, and Travelary is a beautiful visual book that's focused on the kind of thing travelers need - wordless communication signs, room for writing in accommodation and transportation information, packing lists, flight schedule fill-ins, and information on country-specific tipping customs and electrical outlets. It's like a travel-oriented multi-country google in your pocket.  





For the frequent traveler that's a US resident or Dutch, Mexican, or South Korean citizen, there is pretty much no better present out there than a Global Entry card. For $100 and the price of some intrusive questions, Global Entry allows cardholders to use TSA pre-check (no taking off shoes or pulling out your liquids and laptop at the airport) and lets you bypass the long customs line when coming back from an international trip. It's not a gift to get a casual friend, but if you have a frequent traveler loved one, it's a great investment that will have them thinking of you every time they skip the security line.

Happy gifting for your always-on-the-move friend!

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