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There are few things nicer than waking up on the first day of the month to flip the page on the wall calendar (you did that yesterday morning, right?), especially when it's a beautiful calendar that was picked out for you by a dear friend. Selecting the right calendar for a friend or family member is a very important decision, as your calendar recipient will be looking at that thing all year long. If you're unsure of where to go to find the perfect calendar you're in luck, 'cause I've rounded up several rad calendars to please all of the rad people you might be giving gifts to this year.

This image shows the I Like Animals Calendar, which has a light purple background, dark purple text, and dark purple and white drawings of animals. On the right there is a cat wearing a cone on its head. Standing to the left of the cat is a small A second drawing from the calendar shows two piglets sitting down on a grassy patch surrounded by roses. The upper right corner of the calendar says June in cursive handwriting. There are lots of little pen-tip sized polka-dots covering the background of the image. This image is also a blend of purples and whites.

The 2012 I Like Animals Calendar from Nicole Georges is stinkin' adorable (as her calendars are every year). This year, the calendar is dedicated to endangered animals including owls, a tapir, sea turtles, and a long-haired cow (yes, that means there is a month dedicated to an unbelievably cute picture of a long-haired cow). Plus, the calendar gives shout outs to Hispanic Heritage Month, Anti-Boredom Month, and squirrel appreciation day, among many other important and/or silly days and months.

Bonus points: If you live within five miles of North Portland, Nicole will personally bike a calendar to you (see details on etsy).

A one page calendar that shows four spliced images of a fluffy white cat, accompanied by various turquoise shapes across the page.

So your friend likes animals, but more specifically they like cats. Look no further than this one-page dreamcats 2012 calendar from fieldguided. This calendar comes in peach or mint, the cutest colors I can think of. As Bitch Editorial/Creative Director Andi Zeisler told me yesterday, "I don't even really like cats, but I like this calendar."

A screenshot of the bklyn boihood calendar shows two photos: one of the cover of the calendar, showing a model standing against a brick wall, wearing a grey overcoat, a white button-up shirt, and a skinny red tie. The bottom left side of the photo says bklyn boi calendar and the right side said 2012 calendar. The second photo, displayed below the first picture, shows small pictures of all of the calendar months.

bklyn boihood is a collective that creates visibility and builds community within masculine of center bois, lesbians, queers, trans-identified, studs, doms, butches and AGs of color. Their annual calendar features superb photos of stylish models from all over the US. Check out the Kickstarter that helped to fund their 2012 calendar, and then support the valuable work of this collective by purchasing a copy of the 2012 bklyn boihood calendar!

This calendar shows a group of teenage girls holding jumping into the air. There are five girls total, and the two in the front are holding a ukulele and a guitar. They're in what appears to be a school hallway, as their is a long line of lockers behind them. The bottom of the calendar reads Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls 2012 Calendar.

Perhaps you read my Feminist Gifts For Teenage Girls gift guide last year and bought your sister a week at a girl's rock camp. Why not remind her of what an awesome time she had by gifting her the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls 2012 Calendar? Or better yet, gift her a week at a girl's rock camp this year, and give her this calendar to show her what a kick-ass time she's going to have rocking out with other girls come summer.

This image shows three calendars laid out on what looks like a wood table. Each of the calendars are opened up to a different page. The one on top, September, shows an illustration of a white woman with brown hair in a bun on top of her head sitting on top of a ladder. She's wearing librarian-style glasses, a green sweatshirt with a white collar, a short purple skirt, stockings, and black heels. She's holding a book in one of her hands. The calendar immediately underneath that one is only somewhat exposed, but you can make out a white blonde woman who is standing with her hands on her waist. She's wearing light blue

Jen Oaks has illustrated a rad fat babe pinup calendar for 2012 called Cheeky! Each month boasts a different illustrated curvy lady, including the sexy librarian, the bikini-clad hula-hooper, and the bad-ass roller derby gal. Oaks has created a calendar full of classic pinup illustrations, but with a fat-positive twist! Surely you've got someone on the list who will appreciate this one.

Before and after photos of a 2012 calendar on a white tea towel. The before picture shows a calendar with 2012 printed across it in black ink, with the months laid out below in black ink. The after picture shows 2012 after someone has embroidered flowery patterns over the 2012 text with red embroidery thread.

If you're purchasing a calendar for a crafty type, why not gift them a calendar they can embroider themselves? Check out this DIY tea towel calendar from curiousdoodles, which will be both functional and stunning once your friend has finished with it. This tea towel comes with thread, a hoop, and everything else your friend will need to embroider this calendar! A perfect gift for your favorite craft circle buddy!

Another calendar from curiousdoodles: The 2012 floral desk calendar, for sale at buyolympia.

SISSY, Elisha Lim's brand-new illustrated calendar, features portraits of people who identify as, celebrate, and/or challenge the word "sissy", in addition to a few portraits of femmes who inspire. Alongside the illustrations are words from each of the models on "sequins, glitter, femininity, insults, courage, happiness and femme pride." The dateless month format on this calendar makes it a great gift for any year, but why wait? You can purchase a copy today at BitchMart!

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