Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Calendar Edition!

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, chances are you're going to need to buy a gift for someone, and that's where our "Bitch in a Box" series comes in! Between now and the end of December, we (Bitch HQ staff and interns) will be taking turns writing themed gift guides designed to please even the scroogiest feminists on your shopping list. Here's my guide to calendars—be sure to add your own suggestions in the comments!

There are so many options out there, from the very fancy-pants all the way down to cats wearing clothes. Here are just a few of my faves, and maybe they'll provide some inspiration for making one yourself.


Ink and Wit's animal-themed letterpress calendar can be hung as separate 6x11" prints as the months go by, or framed all together (and it's definitely frameworthy). And the packaging is just as nice as the calendar. By the lovely Tara Hogan.

Little Otsu's year-at-a-glance poster is interesting enough to keep up after the year is over, but can also be flipped to reveal a more timeless poster design. This vegan shop also offers Keri Smith's Non-Planner Datebook, a more free-form journal meant to inspire creativity and reflection rather than just set appointments and schedules. And for those who prefer a little structure, their bite-sized, mini-planner is on sale for just $9.

Lizard Press' Luna letterpress calendar layers Shakespeare with medevial Celtic full moon lore and the full-moon schedule for optimal skywatching. If you're feeling more gifty, buy a set of all three Lizard Press designs for 2011, including Luna, Poseidon, and Los Santos designs.

Celebrate the flora and fauna of the pacific northwest, home of Bitch HQ.

Sisters Trisha and Janet Snyder collaborate as PAWLING print studio, on environmentally responsible production and clean design. Geometric, black and white design.

Styley version of the custom photo calendar, customized with your own pics!

Eco-friendly, multi-lingual, quirky collage style for the world traveller on your list.

Walnut wood BUNNY CALENDAR…cute but not too cute.

And this one is on my list…printed on a tea towel.

Happy gifting!


Kristin Rogers Brown
by Kristin Rogers Brown
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Kristin Rogers Brown is Bitch Media's Art Director. When not designing Bitch, you can find her teaching illustration and design at PNCA, trying to keep her dog from eating "street food", and doing interpretive dance to the Law & Order opening theme. Follow her on twitter.

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That is the cutest thing I've seen all day (and I live with Edith).

Can I make a plug for the

Can I make a plug for the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers International calendar? The RPCVs of Wisconsin have been making this calendar for years -- It's always beautiful.
Full disclosure: My dad's an RPCV who's peripherally involved with the calendar, but does not profit from it.

Drag King calendar

This is a Drag King calendar featuring some Kings from Spain, a country where Drag King practice is quite recent. Profits are being donated to the international campaign STP 2012 (Stop Trans Pathologization).

<a href="

It's made on A3 format, high quality satin paper. Pictures are taken with medium format rolls and Holga cameras.

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