Bitch in a Box: THE VIDEO

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Bitch programming to bring you this, the audio/video component of our Bitch in a Box feminist holiday gift guide. It just might be the coolest thing you've seen all year, so prepare yourselves. You might also want to be sure you watch somewhere where you can sing along, dance along, and laugh until you fall out of your chair.  

Written, recorded and filmed in Portland, this video concept came to me during the staff meeting a month or so ago when we decided on "Bitch in a Box" as our gift guide title. It's a spoof on the already-spoofy "Dick in a Box" video created by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg on SNL two years ago, except MORE full of feminists, dancing, and French Bulldogs. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Colin Doolittle, who did the music, Nickey Robare, who shot and edited the video, and the Bitch staff and interns who were willing to drape themselves in holiday lights, dance in the (rainy) streets, and sip cranberry juice in the name of supporting what we love.

We'll be expecting your call, Ellen DeGeneres...

by Katie Presley
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Bitch Media's Music Editor. As heard on BBC, CBC, and NPR's All Songs Considered and, very occasionally, Pop Culture Happy Hour. I've always wanted to be a talking head in a feminist documentary or commercial, so if someone out there can make that dream a reality, I'm here for it.

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That. Was. Hilarious.

That. Was. Hilarious.

Chally- be our PR person in

Chally- be our PR person in Oz?

If that involves being draped

If that involves being draped in lights and dancing around, I'm so there.

Now that's the way you doooooo it...

Well played, Bitch in a Box. Well played.


That totally made my day. It's finals week and I'm sick so I needed a pick me up. Thanks Bitch Media!


thumbs up!!! this video really brighten my day!! lol

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