Bitch Popaganda: At the Movies Edition


It's like The View, but with fewer bikini waxes.

Welcome back to another episode of Popaganda, Bitch's (somewhat) bi-weekly pop culture podcast! In this episode, Annalee, Gabriela, and Kelsey attempt to answer the following age-old questions: Can girls out-gross guys at the box office? Is Harry Potter emasculating America? And why do women love horror films?

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Articles discussed in this episode:
- Variety's Can girls out-gross guys at the box office?
- Esquire's Is Harry Potter emasculating America?
- Entertainment Weekly's Horror Films... And the Women Who Love Them

Bitch faves:
- Annalee's fave: Michael Showalter
- Gabriela's fave: The Yellow Bird Project
- Kelsey's fave: The Big Feminist BUT

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