BitchTapes: A Severe Case of Pop Punk

Sara Reihani
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You asked for it (well, one person asked for it): a pop punk edition of BitchTapes! Punk pop, power pop, bubblegum punk - call it what you will, as long as you pogo your butt off and sing along in your brattiest sneer. Warning: pop punk is contagious.

1. Wind Me Up - The Epoxies
Let's all dress in electrical tape like Roxy Epoxy!! (She's a robot, but shh... it's a secret.)

2. Everything Is Overrated - The Unlovables
The Unlovables have the greatest and most shamelessly emo album titles - this track is off Heartsickle, and their first full-length is called Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak.

3. Grape Crush - Dirt Bike Annie
Sugary drinks, sugary sentiments, sugary songs.

4. Touche Marianne, Touche - The Pillowfights
Every punk band within 20 miles of San Jose has played at Nickel City, an arcade that hosts a surprisingly awesome roster of punk bands. The latest breakout: The Pillowfights, who keep virtually all their songs under two minutes. They rule!

5. Nothing - The Muffs
The Muffs are fronted by Kim Shattuck, also of The Pandoras.

6. Me Vs. The World - Halo Friendlies
Play this really loud in your car with your windows down. This and the remaining songs on the mix create a nice little story when read in order, so I'll just list them:

7. Saturday - Go Betty Go
8. Gonna Have Fun - Bobbyteens
9. Middle of the Night - The Soviettes
10. Teenage Ruins - Something Fierce
11. No Big Deal - Sahara Hotnights
12. Because I'm Awesome - The Dollyrots

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Aren't the Soviettes awesome? One of the best Twin Cities bands of the 00s, too bad they broke up. The vocal is so great on this song.

The Dollyrots

What a great line in Because I'm awesome:
"Because I am fashionably socialized"
Ha! I can't wait to use that one!

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