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Sara Reihani
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Here's a sampling of tracks from most of the bands we've mentioned on the B-Sides blog in the past couple of weeks, plus some more new songs!

1. Hatari - tUnE-yArDs
My favorite thing about this song (besides the crazy yodeling) is that because of the lo-fi quality, you can hear how her voice is echoing slightly, confined by the room.

2. Soldier of Love - Sadé
Sadé is making the rounds on talk shows promoting her new album, Soldier of Love. I'm looking forward to seeing her on The Ellen Degeneres Show on the 15th - I predict there will be dancing.

3. Paper (Hot Sax Version) - Explode Into Colors
If you like Explode Into Colors, check out related acts Hornet Leg, Japanther and Kickball.

4. I Tried To Call You - The Carrots
The Carrots's MySpace background is pretty hilarious.

5. Holding Pattern - Deradoorian
This track is from Mind Raft, the first solo EP from Dirty Projectors vocalist Angel Deradoorian. It's trippy as hell. A good pairing with Beach House!

6. 10 Mile Stereo - Beach House
Have you been wondering if the new Beach House record is any good? Just to put your mind at ease: it is.

7. Transmission Lost - Talk Normal
New wave? No wave.

8. Dear God, I Hate Myself - Xiu Xiu
The blog entries on the Xiu Xiu website are written in a kind of spacey free verse, which makes them a lot more interesting than they would be otherwise.

9. To Where - Grass Widow
In an interview with Vice magazine, Grass Widow listed their five biggest influences as: The Move, The Kinks, Neo Boys, Liliput and... Black Sabbath.

10. Walk With The Wizard - Purple Rhinestone Eagle
"Oh daughter of shredders that came before you/Pry out their eyes/...Clutch with the tiniest grip/Filigree laden with riffs"

11. Awake In Sleep - Dark Castle
Hey European metal fans! It's not like you don't have enough great bands to choose from, but in case you want to see Dark Castle, they're playing everywhere from Antwerp to Helsinki throughout April.

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