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My friends were shouting this week about how Fleetwood Mac is back on tour (!!!) and all the excitement prompted me to buy the second Fleetwood Mac covers album that I have ever purchased. Some people might think two Fleetwood Mac covers albums might be excessive for one music library that also includes numerous actual Fleetwood Mac albums. Those people are wrong. 

Here's a playlist of two Fleetwood Mac songs sandwiching 11 savory Fleetwood Mac covers. Enjoy! 

Big Fleetwood Mac Attack from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

The illustration for this playlist is a detail of the map of a "feminist utopia" on Bitch's Maps & Legends issue cover, BTW. 


Never Going Back by Fleetwood Mac

Landslide by Antony and the Johnsons

Tusk by The Crystal Ark 

Dreams by Pure Bathing Culture 

Dreams remixed by Gigamesh 

Rhiannon by The Langley Schools Music Project

Walk a Thin Line by Atlas Sound 

Hold Me by HAIM

Silver Springs by Lykke Li 

Till the Dream Ends mashup with Stevie Nicks vs. Britney Spears

Oh Daddy by Mary Epworth

Oh Well by Billy Gibbons

Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac

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Couple of other covers..

Liars cover of The Chain is a great interpretation. The entire "Rumours Revisited" album that was released a year or so ago by Mojo magazine is brilliant. The Staves cover of Songbird is phenomenal.

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