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Ashley McAllister
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"Learn to play the drums. The world needs more girl drummers. The world needs your wild, pounding, dreaming heart." --Natalie Angier, Women: An Intimate Geography One of my many resolutions for 2011 is to learn how to play the drums. So I decided to get inspired by making a mix. Here it is—a sampling of songs backed by rad ladies!

1. MNDR - Fade to Black 2. The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World 3. STLS - ABC 4. ShellShag - Save Yourself 5. Afrirampo - Miracle Lucky Girls 6. Telepathe - Envoy 7. Purple Rhinestone Eagle - Sleep, Golden Sleep 8. Vivian Girls - Tell the World 9. I.U.D. - Daddy 10. Talk Normal - Warrior 11. Explode Into Colors - Sharpen the Knife 12. ESG - Dance to the Beat of My Moody For those interested in finding more girl drummers, be sure to check out Tom Tom Magazine: A Magazine about Female Drummers. And don't forget to let us know which songs you'd recommend to a budding female percussionist!

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hey i'm a female drummer!

Here's my band, Rabble Rabble. We're from Chicago. Being a percussionist is great, hope you get into it. Bang on.

another female drummer, here!

Great list! I'd love to see STLS live someday.

I'd add a couple of songs: Unwound - "October All Over" (Sara Lund), Quasi - "Our Happiness Is Guaranteed" (Janet Weiss), and anything by Sleater-Kinney, of course. :)

And also...

Mr. Airplane Man (she sometimes even plays drums and keys at the same time!), Apple Betty, The Furiousity, Aerochix (all from Boston, like me!)... and of course, anything by Lenny Kravitz! Cindy Blackman is the badass-est!!!


<P>The drummer Zepparella was such an inspiration to me two years ago that I started drumming. She truly rocked - I'm fascinated!</P>

What about Yo La Lengo,

What about Yo La Lengo, Sleater Kinney, The Evens, Carolyn Mark, The City Streets, The White Stripes?

The City Streets drummer Anais just left the band and now some guy named Mark plays for them but I remember I used to see them at San Francisco shows and they always had feminist pamphlets they handed out at their merch table. They were nice dudes.

Check them out

Trip Shakespeare! And she

Trip Shakespeare!
<br>And she played standing up!


Learning to play the drum is my new year's resolution as well. This list made me so stoked to learn. Rock on lady!

Drummers Rock!

I've been drumming for over 20 years. I have a music degree and my band is currently releasing our first CD.

Here's a fun tip for beginners. Play Rock Band on a PlayStation or other game system. My daughters have learned basic beats through the motor memory they get from playing rock band. They can hammer them out on my electronic kit and sound amazing. My oldest plays drums in the school jazz band and mastering her rock band skills gave her confidence to tackle her school music.

Good luck with your

Good luck with your resolution, Rina!

Gretchen: Thanks for the tips!

The Black Angels

The Black Angels have an awesome female drummer as well.

Jenny Woolworth Girl Drummer mix!

Great minds do indeed think alike! I put together a little girl drummer mix of my own just before Christmas, have a listen and download here:

Thanks for introducing me to some new bands and reminding me of one's I'd forgotten...

x Jenny Woolworth

I love that you named the mix

I love that you named the mix the little drummer girl mix. Yours also introduced me to some new bands. Great minds, indeed!

Ann Honey Lantree

Don't forget to give a shout-out to Ann "Honey" Lantree, rock 'n' roll's first female drummer with the British group The Honeycombs. Her drumming is amazing!

What about Autolux?

Great post! However, may I suggest that if you haven't checked out Autolux to definitely do so. Carla Azar is an AMAZING drummer.

Other drumming besides Rock.

I started studying Brasilian percussion over three years ago here in New York and it's a hell of a lot of fun and gives you many options besides playing a drum kit. I've met other amazing women who are involved in the scene and it's given me a huge appreciation for music outside of that coming from America. I recommend checking out Samba New York for their classes. It's based on the world famous samba schools in Rio who perform in Carnival.

SO MANY great

SO MANY great recommendations! Thanks, everyone!

i'm a female drummer too!

AND my band is called the angry feminists.

you can listen to us on our label website 4GRE or on myspace we have a facebook too of course.

will check out the folks i'm unfamiliar with on the list, but extra glad to see the shellshag shout out. they are the nicest folks.

Two more!

Little Mo drummed forThe Velvet Underground (Lou Reed later tracked her down working t a Decatur GA Wal mart, if I remember the ATL Journal_Constitution story was the 90's.)

Also, Slam Suzzane's drummer was freakin' AMAZING!

Et moi.

This was my resolution too. I ordered a Yamaha DD65 and realise it's the only instrument I've tried - after violin, clarinet, guitar, harmonica, dijeridoo, and keyboard - that I can actually imagine creating a song with. The other week I went to go find some drumming magazines, in that fresh, uber-keen way that you do when you've got a new hobby, and lo, there were only two titles; and lo, literally not a single woman in either of them. So I'm really glad to see this post. My heart nearly hit the screen.

Btw... @Kaylee of Rabble Rabble

Wow. That rocked. I'll be on the look out for you lot.

Girl drummers

Hi, can't resist a couple of plugs
First for my website about The Honeycombs which of course featured Honey Lantreee who was the first female rock/pop drummer. There is a story there, about how she came to be in the drum stool. It comes straight from Martin Murray who founded the band. (presumably this won't come up as a link)

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Learn to play the drums

So Ash

When you coming over to pick up the drum set?

love - Dad

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