BitchTapes: Happy Ladyween!

Kelsey Wallace
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Well, Ladyween weekend is officially upon us! (And yes, we're still trying to make Ladyween happen around here. It'll catch on before you know it—trust us.) Here are some holiday jams to get you in the mood. Listen IF YOU DARE!

The Spooky Track List! 1. "Halloween"—Souxsie and the Banshees, kicking your Ladyween off right! 2. "Werewolves of London"—Warren Zevon, with a song that actually makes me jealous of werewolves and their fashion sense. 3. "Spooky"—Dusty Springfield, bringing you a cover that'd be perfect to sing to your Ladyween crush. Do it! 4. "Dead Man's Bones"—Dead Man's Bones, because when you think about it, walking around on dead bones is really creepy, yet WE DO IT ALL THE TIME. 5. "Monster Mash"—Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Cryptkeepers. It's not Halloween Ladyween without this one! 6. "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)"—David Bowie, necessary for all holiday celebrations, duh. 7. "Trick or Treat"—Otis Redding, reminding us that the phrase "trick or treat" can double as an innuendo-laden euphemism. 8. "Zombie Zoo"—Tom Petty, with a perfect Ladyween dance jam. Don't forget to lurch around like the undead during this one! 9. "Ghostbusters"—Ray Parker, Jr. (See #5). 10. "Vampire Blues"—Neil Young, talking about the angstier side of being a vampire waaay before Edward Cullen came on the scene. 11. "I Put a Spell on You"—Nina Simone, putting a spell on you. This would make a good follow-up to your "Spooky" performance, especially if you have two Ladyween crushes! 12. "Little Ghost"—The White Stripes, with some jangly Ladyween wordplay. Perfect for that unexpected spectre. 13. "Thriller"—Michael Jackson. Of course. HAPPY LADYWEEN! Ladyween Video Bonus: I couldn't find an MP3 version of this track, but it's one of my spooky pop culture faves from recent years. It wouldn't be Ladyween without a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, right?

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Awesome playlist! I shall be

Awesome playlist! I shall be playing this soundtrack tomorrow night while my little vampire bat (for real, daughter is going as a vampire bat instead of a ubiquitous princess <3) and I prepare for our evening of trick n treating for those coveted sugary crack snacks....

Happy Ladyween (I like it btw! ;), lovely Bitches!

Great mix, Kelsey! We

Great mix, Kelsey! We listened to it at my house last night while carving pumpkins!

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