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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

Hip Hoppers from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

There are a lot of young women emcees out there right now making great hip hop that's political, sexy, and fun. Here are ten tracks by artists that should be on your radar! Share who you're listening to in the comments. 

1. Ana Tijoux - La Bala The title track from Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux's latest album. "The Bullet" represents Tijoux well: tinged with politics, sharp to listen to. Read more about the new album here.  

2. Benni E - Machete Kids This Philly emcee isn't afraid of taking queer hip hop mainstream

3. THEESatisfaction - Deeper You've loved "QueenS," here's another track off the Seattle duo's new album, awE naturalE

4. Lady - Casey Anthony Lady (pictured up top) gives a sharp and honest take on our messed-up justice system in this track. 

5. Angel Haze - Circles I mentioned Angel Haze in a B-Sides post last week. Here's one of her more subdued tracks off her new release, Voice

6. JB the First Lady - Dear Diary This beautiful but intense track comes from JB the First Lady's record, Get Ready Get Steady. Read more here!

7. La Mala Rodriguez - Tengo un Trato This Spanish rapper takes on issues of racism, domestic violence, and empowerment in her songs. She may be going in an electro-pop direction now, but her work is definitely worth checking out! 

8. Nyemiah Supreme - None of Ya Business Nyemiah gives her own spin on the classic Salt-N-Pepa track

9. Rye Rye - Boom Boom I just love Rye Rye. Here's her new single, a fun, poppy song about taking charge in the bedroom and re-energizes the already over-caffeneited nineties track.Watch the video for extra stimulation

10. Azealia Banks - 212 I couldn't leave this young emcee off the list. She took the Internet by storm with this track last fall, and gives no f-words about using the c-word. Look for her a full-length from her later this year! 

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Love it! Thanks for the post.

Love it! Thanks for the post.

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