BitchTapes: Lady Country pt. 2

Ashley McAllister
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It's been awhile since we made a Lady Country BitchTapes. I thought today might be a good one to re-visit some of the kick-ass ladies that have rocked the country music scene.

1. Dolly Parton - 9 to 5
Since 1980, 9 to 5 has been an anthem for women demanding a fair workplace. This is one of many Dolly songs about fair wages and labor rights.

2. June Carter Cash - Wildwood Flower
June Carter Cash was one half of The Carter Sisters, one of country music's first girl groups.

3. Loretta Lynn - The Pill
Loretta Lynn celebrated 50 years in the music industry this week. Did anyone else catch Lynn on Fresh Air on Wednesday? Radio stations refused to play this song when it was released in 1973 (but then they had to because Lynn's fans wouldn't stop demanding to hear it).

4. Lucinda Williams - My Big Red Sun Blues
Lucina Williams has been making breathtaking music since 1978.

5. Patsy Cline - I Go Walking After Midnight
This song made Cline one of the very first country singers to have a crossover hit.

6. The Dixie Chicks - Goodbye Earl
This revenge song evokes the same feelings as Thelma and Louise does.

7. Two Nice Girls - I Spent My Last $10 (on Birth Control and Beer)
My favorite line from this song: "I spent my last ten dollars on birth control and beer/My life was so much simpler when I was sober and queer"

8. Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors
And we'll end it with another one from Dolly, because I just can't help it.

Which country music ladies do you love? Leave a comment and let me know!

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9 to 5 rocks!

Why have I not listened to 9 to 5 in so long!!!???? I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the reminder! :) :)

The Pill is awesome. Loretta

The Pill is awesome. Loretta Lynn is wonderfully multi dimensional

This is a great list! I love

This is a great list! I love country for its abundance of sassy ladies, and you've hit many of my faves.

Not feminist, but at the intersection of lady and country: I actually just got home from a very enjoyable Carrie Underwood concert. I also enjoy Reba ("Fancy" is very pro-sex work), and Emmylou Harris.

You know, I've never listened

You know, I've never listened to Reba. I'm going to listen to "Fancy" right away. Thanks for the suggestion!

Love Dolly. I hate that some

Love Dolly. I hate that some music fans see her as a guilty pleasure rather than for the amazing songwriter she is.

Great minds, Ashley. I was

Great minds, Ashley. I was listening to Loretta Lynn all day yesterday after she was on Fresh Air, and I plastered it all over Twitter. Ahhh, "The Pill." I love that lady.

Album recs?

I was wondering if you can recommend particular albums by Dolly and Loretta to get started on, or would a "best of" be a good choice? They both have huge catalogs I'm sure... Thanks!

start early!

my recommendation would be start early with both. i'm not as crazy about dolly parton's later music, but loretta's is still pretty perfect. "van lear rose," the album she did with jack white, is stellar. my favorite dolly album is "jolene," and loretta lynn is "blue-eyed kentucky girl." enjoy!!

loooove Dolly

I didn't like country music until a couple years ago, but now I am a hardcore Dolly Parton fan. The movies "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "Shut Up and Sing" wholly converted me into Loretta Lynn and Dixie Chicks fans respectively.

Other country faves:

Rated X- Loretta Lynn
You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly- Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty
Ready to Run-Dixie Chicks
Easy Silence-Dixie Chicks
Long time around- Dixie Chicks
Wide Open Spaces-Dixie Chicks
Top of the World-Dixie Chicks
Wild at Heart- Gloriana
Leave the Pieces- the Wreckers
Redneck Woman-Gretchen Wilson
Crazy- Patsy Cline

I also enjoy Reba ("Fancy" is

I also enjoy Reba ("Fancy" is very pro-sex work), and Emmylou Harris.

Love this -- I have been

Love this -- I have been listening to the just released tribute album to Loretta Lynn, which includes the great track "Rated-X" as recorded by Meg & Jack White. Also check out the album "The List" from Rosanne Cash -- she sings from the list of 100 songs her father (The Man in Black) gave her to learn when she was just a young 'un.

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