BitchTapes: Revenge of the Pop Punk

Sara Reihani
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My first pop punk BitchTape was so much fun to compile, I just had to make a sequel (plus I somehow forgot Lemuria before - an egregious oversight). The lady in the picture, by the way, is Kim Shattuck of The Muffs, featured on the first pop punk mix. Enjoy!

1. Venom - Awesome Snakes
As their name implies, this two-person band made up of former Soviettes members is indeed awesome. And yes, the entire album is snake-themed.

2. Braindead - Zombina and the Skeletones
This band sings unusually light, sweet horror punk, which makes them the absolute perfect Halloween music (candy + fun + dead things = Zombina and the Skeletones!). I'm sure you're all in the midst of early Halloween party planning, so I thought I would let you know.

3. Gender Studies - Team Stray
This title track off their 2008 album embodies all the naked earnestness that, in my opinion, characterizes the best pop punk. They're like if blink-182 was good. Sadly, Team Stray disbanded earlier this year.

4. Bad Idea - The Gateway District
The Gateway District is touring in a few weeks, so check them out if you're in the northeast/midwest - they seem like they would be fun to party with.

5. 4 Robots and an Evil Scientist - Tsunami Bomb
Tsunami Bomb's original lineup (which didn't last for very long) included a keyboard player called Oobliette Sparks, which sounds like it might have been Dr. Seuss-inspired.

6. Born Again - The Randies
Tip: this is a good song to air-guitar to.

7. Brand New Key - The Dollyrots
I know, I put a Dollyrots song on my last pop punk mix, but this song is just as happy and catchy and sassy. "I ride my bike, I rollerskate, don't drive no car/Don't go to fast but I go pretty far/For somebody who don't drive, I've been all around the world/Some people say I've done alright for a girl!"

8. What I Like About You - Lillix
You probably recognize this cover from the Amanda Bynes TV show "What I Like About You"... or the Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis version of Freaky Friday... or 13 Going On 30. But you would never admit to it, would you?

9. Until The Day I Die - Slingshot Dakota
It's so heartfelt, I might die. No, I'm not crying, I... I just have something in my eye. Both my eyes. Allergies. It's ALLERGIES, okay?! God.

10. Lights Out - Discount
Before Alison Mosshart was in The Kills, she was in Discount. You don't really need another reason to listen to them.

11. Get Some Sleep - Lemuria
Lemuria is a multi-talented band: they are good at making music AND pierogies.

12. Come Home - Good Luck
I had a hard time deciding which track from Good Luck's debut album Into Lake Griffy to put on this mix, because they are all so great.

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I almost forgot about Lillix! Thanks for the great list! As always!

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