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It's summer, dammit. Get in a car, a plane, a bus, or a train, and hit the road to see people you haven't seen in years. Get awkward and stand around for hours in the smoke of a barbecue at your cousin's house. Drive along an empty road for hours on your way across the Midwest. Hunker down by yourself in the corner of an airport and dream about where you'll land. Wherever you're going, here are some traveling songs to pair with our "On the Road" podcast.

Reunions and Road Trips from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Track List: 

1. Reunion -  Stars

2. Go West - Liz Phair

3. Reunion - M83

4. Golden Years - David Bowie

5. Ta Fete - Stromae

6. Knowing Me, Knowing You - ABBA

7. Family Reunion - The O'Jays

8. Wanderlust Wild Beasts

9. Jenny - The Mountain Goats

10. Coming Home - Sharon Van Etten 

11. Get Back Ike and Tina Turner

12. Changes - David Bowie (cover) 

14. Thank You Friends - Big Star

15. Bring it On Home to Me - Sam Cooke

16. Reunion - The XX

17. Coming Home - Royksopp

by James Anthofer
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3 Comments Have Been Posted

Love the mix! The first song

Love the mix! The first song is actually called "Ageless Beauty," though. ;)

First Song

Sorry! I did the mix on Spotify and then tried to move it into 8tracks. I will try to add "Reunion" into 8tracks from my own library...or you could just imagine that it's there. "Ageless Beauty" is a great song too, right?

Fun Mix

About to head on a road trip -- thanks for the music :)

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