BitchTapes: Royal Wedding Mix!

Kelsey Wallace
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When I was a teen, my mom would (jokingly?) advise me to tell boys who got too fresh that I was saving myself for Prince William and thus needed to preserve my virgin status. Though it never came to that, I've always had a soft spot for His Royal Cuteness, and I even tried to stay up last night to watch the live wedding coverage (I fell asleep somewhere in between Kate getting out of the Rolls and the "I will" portion of the ceremony). Since the wedding mix has been done already, I figured a royal-themed BitchTapes was in order to commemorate things. Prince William, this one's for you.

Royal Track List: Dude Alert: Almost all of the royal jams I could find in my iTunes library were by men, so this is a dude-heavy mix. I'd love to hear suggestions of royal songs written/performed by women though if you have any! 1. The Infanta—The Decemberists. Starting things off with a royal baby. 2. The Queen is Dead/Take Me Back to Old Dear Blighty—The Smiths. OK, not the cheeriest of messages, but what would a royalty mix be without this song? 3. Ballad of a Teenage Queen—Johnny Cash. Prettiest girl you've ever seen. 4. For We Are the King of the Boudoir—Magnetic Fields. Perfect for the royal wedding night, eh? 5. King of Earth—Elf Power. For the great outdoors! 6. The Prince's Bed—Adam Green. It's not exactly a sexy song (OK, not at all), but it is about sex in the prince's bed at least. 7. A King and a Queen—Okkervil River. "But the best thing for you would be queen, so be queen." Go on, do it! 8. Down with Prince—Hot Chip. Sure, this one's about Prince the musician and not Prince the William, but I'm down with both of them. 9. (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess—John Lennon. Awww. 10. Queen Bitch—David Bowie. Natch. 11. My Name is Prince—Prince & The New Power Generation. Time to get funky! 12. Princess of the Sand—Nick Drake. Kind of a sad one to end things on, but sweet all the same. Sort of like Prince William being off the market forever. (I'm kidding! I'm not kidding.)

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Anything by Queen Latifah

Anything by Queen Latifah would be royal!

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