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Friends are the best. Here are a few songs about loving friends, missing friends, and losing friends (also, they're great for mixtapes...for your friends!). Let us know which friendship songs we missed in the comments!

BitchTapes: Friendship Mix from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

1. Forever Friend - Glass Cake I wanna be your friend forever. See also: this cover from Femme Uke, who sing a couple other fantastic songs about being BFFs. 2. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa - Jens Lekman Sing this song to all your best friend on their birthdays (just be sure to trade out Lisa's name for their name). 3. La Familia - Mirah This number from Mirah speaks to the pain associated with friends leaving you for new places. "Hey friends, don't you think you better cool it down? You're always getting curious and leaving town." 4. Loneliness Song - Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever sing lots of songs about friendship, but this one is my favorite. 5. My Best Friend Is You - Kate Nash Super sweet and straight to the point. For your opinionated friend who is as pretty as a cat! 6. That's What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick featuring Gladys Knight, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder This all-star lineup reminds us that friends are for good times and bad times. See also: Bridesmaids. 7. Friends - Bette Midler Given her role in the movie that taught me the importance of friendship, I found Bette Midler quite important to include in this mix. 8. With a Little Help From My Friends - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 Such a good cover! 9. Friend Crush - Friends True friendship is being able to ask them for advice on a weekday. 10. Life Long Friend - Faith Lee A pretty, folksy, and sad song about losing a friend. 11. Friendship - Judy Garland and Donald O'Connor "If you ever lose your teeth, and you're out to dine...borrow mine." 12. You're My Best Friend - The Once A beautiful cover of Queen's testament to friendship. Thanks to Jenn Hartman and Kjerstin Johnson for sharing their wealth of song knowledge with me for this mix. Image from Natalie Dee.

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