Want to Block Chris Brown's Stupid Face Forever and Ever? There's an App for That

From his abuse of Rihanna and general assholishness to his terrible music and utterly tasteless new tattoo, we can all agree that Chris Brown is pretty much THE WORST.

Chris Brown's stupid face with I'm the worst typed under it

If you're tired of seeing his stupid face in your news feed and no longer want to hear about how he's turned domestic violence into a marketing ploy or how Dr. Drew is still making excuses for his inexcusable behavior, you're in luck: There's an app (well, a plugin) for that.

screen cap of Chris Brownout with Chris Brown's name blocked out with blue boxes

Chris Brownout is a Google Chrome extension that aims to "scrub Chris Brown from the internet. Permanently." Says the team at AUX, the developer behind the project, "It's become clear that [Brown] remains impulsive and unapologetic and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So, we here at AUX Labs took it upon ourselves to get rid of him."

That means the next time Chris Brown does something absolutely awful—and there will be a next time—you can save your mouth from getting filled with barf by blocking his stupid name from your news feed. Think how much happier the world would be if we all added this plugin before his next album comes out! No one would know about it, so no one would buy it, so maybe he'd go away forever and never come back. An Internet can dream, right?

For those of you on a blocking-horrible-people roll, Aux also has a Nickelblock plugin available. Do they take requests? Because a Dr. Drew-less Internet is looking pretty good right now.

H/T The Grio for the plugin news.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Cool app! When do we get one

Cool app! When do we get one for Sean Penn or Michael Fassbender, or all these other boring white famous men that feminists "forget" to slag off on cause they're too busy slagging on Brown and Brown alone?

Do I like Brown? No. But y'all are too transparent right now.

You're right

Too transparent in my dislike of Chris Brown? Yeah, I'm fine with that.

Transparent because white

Transparent because white feminists make it obvious they don't care about any of the white men who have committed the same crimes as Chris Brown, which makes me wonder how many of them actually care about domestic violence at all.

And you don't think Chris

And you don't think Chris Brown bieng in the media constantly after the incident with Rihanna is not also indicative of the media's insistence on focusing on black men and black men alone as violent and abusive? There's a reason Brown is blowing on up all over the place and why people continue to hone on him over and over again.

I brought up Sean Penn and Fassbender because you know Brown's treatment--from his mainstay in the media right down to your article all others like it--is way different. Fassbender is an even more contemporary example because his abuse was recent, but yet he still continues to slide under the radar. Let's all focus on the next tattoo Fassbender gets or awards show he attends or the next shit he takes. Then apps like this one will be worthy of any kind of news.

Stay transparent, Kelsey.

Yes, I do think that.


I absolutely think that Chris Brown being in the media constantly is indicative of the media's insistence on focusing on black men as violent and abusive. That's what I meant by my "race plays a role in the way we respond to Chris Brown" comment above, though maybe I wasn't clear enough.

I also agree with you that Sean Penn and Michael Fassbender are treated much differently by the media (though in the interest of legality, Fassbender is an alleged abuser against whom the charges were dropped: http://www.laineygossip.com/Articles/Details/22427/Michael-Fassbender-te..., unlike Penn and Brown who were both convicted of abuse) than Brown.

That said, I still dislike Chris Brown and the attention given to him by the media, which is why I appreciated the idea behind this plugin and decided to write about it.

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I'm sorry if this is off

I'm sorry if this is off topic, but this was the first I'd heard of anything about domestic violence and Fassbender (which probably just goes to help prove the first commenter correct). Does anyone know anything beyond the facts reported here http://www.laineygossip.com/Articles/Details/22427/Michael-Fassbender-te...? If this is derailing the conversation too far, please just delete this comment.

I think it'd be more

I think it'd be more surprising to me, personally, if I even recalled who the hell "Micheal Fassbender" IS. Which I don't.

Sean Penn I already knew was a complete asshole with a penchant for violence; nobody's really hidden that.

I do understand that the obsession with Chris Brown in particular seems a bit racially-charged elsewhere, but I think both here and elsewhere, it's largely fulled by his own attention-whoring behavior.

Which just proves the Chrome Extension is useful after all. :P

You just completely ignored

You just completely ignored her actual response, didn't you? Which pointed out that other writers for Bitch have addressed the SAME ISSUE you just claimed they're feeding into?

Also, for the record: I for one was already pretty aware of Sean Penn being an asshole. Not all of us who happen to be white overlook the assholishness of everyone who happens to be white, ya know.

Sean Penn and Michael

Sean Penn and Michael Fassbender don't clog my newsfeed every time I turn around.

That would be a valid point

That would be a valid point if anyone on the internet had mentioned Sean Penn or Michael Fassbender enough times to clog my newsfeed or entertainment news sites.

The commenter has a point

The commenter has a point. Race is a big factor (granted, not the only factor, Brown's own grandstanding aside) in why Chris Brown clogs your newsfeed while Michael Fassbender doesn't.

We can examine the implications of race on our judgments without defending Brown. No one is defending him here, but the commenter is right that he gets a considerable amount of negative attention while white abusers are spared the same excoriation.

Hey, not all of us. When the

Hey, not all of us. When the Charlie Sheen shit went down it was clear to some of us that Sheen would be idolized as a rock star while Chris Brown was excoriated. That is partly the fault of many white feminists and partly the responsibility of a media that plays into racial stereotypes and is overly fond of forgiving white people.

(Also, to be a little bit fair, Chris Brown has been unapologetic and seems fond of exploiting his actions to bring him this attention.) On the whole, though -- you're right.



Dumb shit.

This is just stupid.

If you don't want to see him on the internet, don't google him. It's really that simple.

I'm not saturated with shit he does because I don't look him up often.

The same people who keep harping on what he does every single minute are the ones complaining about how they see too much of him.

Don't people have better things to do? Like actually work on domestic violence? Because blocking out his face isn't doing shit but satisfying petty, unproductive anger.

By the way, I'm with home girl above. Until I see an app that blocks Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, or other white male abusers, I'm going to say that white feminists who rejoice in this are full of shit.

You don't think that taking

You don't think that taking publicity away from someone whose career depends on it is going to have an impact? Think about how fast Charlie Sheen would fall apart.

What have Nickelback done? I

What have Nickelback done? I don't really follow their activities. Are they just generally annoying, or actively unpleasant?

Want to Block Chris Brown's Stupid Face Forever and Ever? There'

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