Love/Shove: Bloody hell! Finally a menstruation movie for everyone.

The trailer for The Moon Inside You begins like a bad Dan Brown-zombie flick: "A curse on half the planet...a secret kept too" Thankfully, the world's in for one less crap slasher and in for a humorous new approach to talking about what most of us hate talking about...periods.

From the looks of the rest of the trailer (available on the film's homepage), the movie will be a mix of personal stories (a group of women share histories of problematic periods), humor (two oblivious women walk around with comically-soaked crotches), irony (a professional man, completely straight-faced, states, "It's a phenomenon humans share with other apes...and old world monkeys"), and cultural analysis (clips from the Carrie, anyone?) say nothing of the belly-dancing classes and claymation scenes.

The feminist Trigger Happy TV show I've been waiting for!

Beginner filmmaker Diana Fabianova, after years of having painful and irregular periods but unable to speak about them plus a familial history of womb cancer (not too mention the ever-present societal messages on how shameful it is to bleed from your lady parts), was finally inspired to combine her personal experience with the collective experience of women worldwide.

Director Diana Fabianova

From her director's note, Fabianova aims to ask questions like

How could this natural process be "inappropriate" when a quarter of the female population is experiencing it at any given time? Why did the sign of what all society consider a blessing--women's ability to give birth--happen to be described with names and expressions like "the curse," "Les Anglais" or "to be on the rag." Why can't men talk about menstruation without blushing?

While the clips reveal only so much (especially because some are in Slovak), the poster is problematic, and I've seen my share of feminized cartoon eggs and macho sperm (see "Gallery--Animation clips"), I'm excited for a movie that's purposefully funny while addressing a serious social phenomenon--why women of all ages from all over are so hesitant, shamed, or disgusted to talk about their periods. At the end of her director's note, Fabianova writes, "The Moon Inside You aims to deconstruct the menstruation phenomenon, until its twofold nature clearly appears: an intimate experience and a social construction."

Reviews have been good so far, the Variety having only minimal criticisms ("the red color motif is overused"), and while it's only playing at film festivals now, will definitely something to keep an eye out for! We've come a long way from this 1946 Disney-made, Kotex-sponsored film on "The Menstruation Story." YIKES.

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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two oblivious women walk around with comically-soaked crotches

Comically-soaked? Ugh, I just had a flashback to one of my WORST high school memories, and there are PLENTY of those to choose from, let me assure you. I was wearing a pale pink Gunne Sax dress (Yeah. Enjoy that visual) because it was some special day when we didn't have to wear our uniforms and the popular bitches thought it would be hilarious to not tell me that my backside was suddenly sporting dark red polka-dots. They laughed at me for hours until some lower-middle-of-the-totem-pole-located classmate took pity on me and let me in on the big joke. I. Was. Mortified.

I still want to see this, though. Triggers be damned.

Is this me?

This happened to me too, in the 8th grade. Like as I was reading this, I got confused thinking I'd posted this it so matches my story. I had to change into some big, baggy black shorts when I was told. I wasn't really embarrassed when the moment passed and found it comical rather quickly...but yes, I've been here. You're not alone!

Looks great!

Can't wait to see it!


I don't know, maybe its because I'm a guy, but this is disgusting!

Troll harder.


Because you're a guy? I think that depends...

what you think is so disgusting about this? Just that it's about menstruation, or that it tackles it in a straight-forward way, or that it incorporates humor, or is it something else?

I think it sounds interesting and kind of funny, myself, but I don't think *every woman* would agree.

Every reply to my comment

Every reply to my comment will be sistematically deleted and ignored.

Right about one thing...

Well Anonymous, you're right about one thing: Your comment was deleted (if you'd like to know why check out our <a href="">blog FAQs</a>, though we suspect you know why). However, we'd never "sistematically" do anything, so no worries there.

~Team Bitch

I got all my sisters with me!

Team Bitch...puttin' the "sista" is sistamatically deletin' hateful comments!

"what is that? a mattress?"

I think I'm going to have to see this movie.

All I can think about after reading about the movie and seeing the first picture, is that scene from Jenny McCarthys Dirty Love (really funny and great movie by the way), where she gets her period (or as I like to refer to it as "Lady time") and she has to go to the store and get pads but shes broke and has to get the super huge ones discount, but she ends up bleeding all over the store and has to run out with them meanwhile trailing blood behind her. Its something special and really really funny.

But yeah the movie sounds great, cant wait to get a copy.

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