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The Kills have not stopped moving since the March 2008 release of their latest album, Midnight Boom. They have bounced back and forth from the US to Europe to Australia on tour, had their bus stolen out from under their noses in Texas, played gigs with The Gossip and The Raconteurs and made music videos for half the tracks from Midnight Boom. Yet they are still accessible, even in this latest bout of explosion into rock royalty status. Alison "VV" Mosshart blogs every few days about the journey they've taken, going into smoky detail about venues, friends they've seen, meals they've eaten and sleep they haven't had, often signing off with a "we love you" or "cuts and kisses" to the fans she isn't even sure are reading. It is an intimate and special glance into Mosshart and Jamie "Hotel" Hince's road ragged existence, but just as their lyrics say, they continue to go steal ahead.


Last night at the Wonder Ballroom in Northeast Portland, VV and Hotel proved that thirteen-month marathons are no match for them with a spitting, writhing and sweaty show. Their music is intense, their chemistry provocative and on stage it is literally just them, their guitars and a drum machine. It works because of their energy; their chest-pounding, boot stomping, pacing-the-stage fervor. They covered "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, who was just as raw but not as gritty as The Kills themselves, and played for over an hour. Each of The Kills' songs are equally chock full of passion, bullet-like lyrics and a sense of darkness. On their March 30 blog from this year, VV says she hates the sun but appreciated a show on the Gold Coast because it was "totally dark and I felt human again". The Kills do just that; make you feel comfortable in the blackest of the black.


The Kills are currently on tour with The Horrors and Magic Wands. Their next stop is in San Francisco tomorrow. A full list of upcoming tour dates can be found here.

by Ashley Brittner
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The Kills are the kind of

The Kills are the kind of guys I love not only listening but also watching. They are young, talented, sexy, expressive and saucy- the cocktail anybody can hardly resist. I'd like to share some photos demonstrating their spirit and the way of life:
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