Help WAM! Build a Direct Action Network for Gender Justice in Media!

Exciting news! The folks at Women, Action, and the Media (WAM!) launched a campaign today to build a grassroots direct-action network dedicated to creating gender justice in media at all levels, including ownership, employment, representation, and access. And they want to do it using movie nights, pitch-ins, social media, letter writing, and anything else we can think of to spread the word. Fun AND necessary—an excellent combo!

drawing of three WAM! superheroes to the rescue!
To the rescue!

Check out the video here:

WAM! Action Network from Michelle Tsiakaros on Vimeo.

From the campaign site:

When you back this project, you're creating a network that will connect you with people around the country and the world who share your concern about the state of our media. You'll join activists, media professionals, artists, performers, academics, and people from all walks of life in taking action to create the media ecosystem we deserve.

As a proud WAM! supporter, I can tell you that this is an organization worth backing, full of smart, hardworking, organized people. We could all benefit from an activist hub online dedicated solely to gender justice in media, but WAM! can't do it without our help! Learn more about the project at the indiegogo page and pitch in today!

by Kelsey Wallace
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So happy to report

That WAM! met their fundraising goal late last week! Congratulations to them! However, it's not too late to commit to this vital cause of building a resource for creating gender justice in the media. So ... for anyone with a serious interest in it that has not already done so, please consider pitching in!

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