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Now you can buy limited-edition prints of some of our favorite Bitch covers! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we've got 15 archival giclee prints to choose from, all on high-quality, heavy watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Each print offers gorgeous photos, cool illustrations, nifty typography, and lots of color to perk up your living space. To show you what they look like in action, we'll be highlighting a different print on the blog each day in its natural habitat. Up today is Biology vs. Destiny, photographed in design intern Jasmine's green-striped bedroom.

Biology vs Destiny print hangs on a gray wall with a green stripe. The print shows an anatomical model of a woman filled with toys and other pop culture objects

Biology vs. Destiny: Issue 15, Winter 2001
Art Director: Sarah Crumb
Photographer: Jeffery Walls
We all, to paraphrase Walt Whitman, contain multitudes, but it's worth wondering how much of what we see in ourselves comes from outside us—from the media, from pop culture, from the trappings and accessories that are assigned to us according to gender. With the cover of Bitch's 15th issue, we wanted to find a way to visually express the often inadvertently hilarious influence exerted upon female-identified bodies by cultural assumptions and imperatives. But we also wanted to highlight the positive influences that artifacts of pop culture can have, so while our lovely anatomical model, Sweet Sue, is filled with such classic girl stuff as a high-heeled sandal and a princess phone, she's also packing an electric guitar and a copy of Harriet the Spy.

Only 13 prints are left in this limited-edition series! Seize your destiny and buy one today!

by Kelsey Wallace
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This looks so good on the wall! Love the green stripe.

Thanks for this additional

Thanks for this additional information.


I really enjoy this template and your blog about destiny. What is the name of the template by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the blog I am going to make for my class project.

Blinds Emporium

Where did you get the inspiration from? I want to do something like for my site.

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