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Masculinity print hanging on a white wall under an orange-y banner. The print shows an illustrated man holding four smaller illustrated men in his arms.Now you can buy limited-edition prints of some of our favorite Bitch covers! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we've got 15 archival giclee prints to choose from, all on high-quality, heavy watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Each print offers gorgeous photos, cool illustrations, nifty typography, and lots of color to perk up your living space. To show you what they look like in action, we'll be highlighting a different print on the blog each day in its natural habitat. Today we have Masculinity, shown under a festive flag at Ashley's house.

Masculinity: Issue 6, Fall 1997
Art Director: Benjamin Shaykin
Illustrator: Andi Zeisler

One of Bitch's first themed issues, the Masculinity issue explored how the same narrow expectations and stereotypes that constrain women do the same to men, answering the question, "Is feminism for men, too?" with a resounding yes. It made sense to portray the burden of media tropes of masculinity—brooding, rock-hard, tough, debonair, athletic, and gritty—as something an average dude had to literally carry with him. The icons portrayed are James Dean, John Wayne, James Bond, and NBA star Grant Hill. (Note: This was a random choice and not a comment on Hill's own performance of masculinity.) If the cover were concepted today, it's very likely that not much would be different, as views on what makes a man have remained steeped in their mythos.

Only 13 of these limited-edition prints remain! Buy yours today!

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