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Now you can buy limited-edition prints of some of our favorite Bitch covers! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we've got 15 archival giclee prints to choose from, all on high-quality, heavy watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Each print offers gorgeous photos, cool illustrations, nifty typography, and lots of color to perk up your living space. To show you what they look like in action, we'll be highlighting a different print on the blog each day in its natural habitat. Up first is Taste & Appetite, photographed in Kelsey's living room.

taste and appetite cover shows a wig head looking at a piece of plastic fruit. The framed print sits on the ground in front of an orange wall with Kelsey's French Bulldog, Edith, sitting nearby
(Edith the French Bulldog and afghan made by Kelsey's Great-Grandma Ruth not included.)

Taste & Appetite: Issue 23, Winter 2004
Art Director: Andrea Feldman
Photographer: Jeffery Walls
"Appetite" is a loaded word—and an ugly one for many people, laden with psychological, social, and mediated meanings and judgments. Could we make it beautiful? That was the aim of this cover, which hints at the longing for—and the potential freedom of—an unbridled access to appetite. Armed with a scuffed-up wig stand (courtesy of one of the several wiggeries adjacent to Bitch's Oakland, California office space), a spread of bejeweled fruit, and yards of monofilament, we aimed to make a cover statement that was as dreamy as it was meaningful.

There are only nine delicious prints left in this limited-edition series! Order yours today!

by Kelsey Wallace
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