Call to action for independent journalists reporting on the RNC

By now many of you have probably heard that several journalists (including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and an AP photographer) were arrested while they were covering protests of the Republican National Convention. But as independent publishers ourselves, I think it's critical that the word get out as far and wide as possible. 



Prior to this, police with firearms drawn raided a video journalists' group to arrest independent bloggers and videomakers.

According to the Free Press, many mainstream media outlets are ignoring the arrests (which really are attacks on independent journalism) -- and some independent media makers are still in jail. They're asking people to sign a public letter demanding theat press intimidation cease immediately, and that all charges be dropped.

Democracy Now! has more info...


by Debbie Rasmussen
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Good news on this, too - all charges were dropped on Friday!

Thought I'd mention it for anyone who regularly watches/listens to the show. There are more details at <a href="">Democracy Now!</a>

Note: A good way to celebrate this victory is to donate at least a little something to them, too, to help keep this important newscast going on. They accept all forms of payment, including PayPal and snail mail (There is an address for that on the donations page) . They, too, have a sustainer program option.

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