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Ashley Brittner
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Nevermind the amazing ways President Obama has elevated women and girls, worked to overturn the ban on funding for groups that provide abortions and overall improve the condition of women in our society in his first 100 days. Let's mark this milestone in his administration by objectifying 100 Hot Babes! Coed Magazine (oh there is SO much douche here!) celebrated yesterday with a photo spread, stating "whether or not you think Obama's first 100 days has been a success, there's one thing we can all agree on - super hot chicks!" Douchey and bad at grammar, both of which constitute Coed Magazine as this week's douchiest! The article says,"There's been a few ups, a few downs and a whole hell of a lot of people acting like total douchebags". You betcha, Coed Magazine. I'd say with that comment, they had it comin'.

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once a douche...

always a douche!

I went to Coed's website to

I went to Coed's website to see said "babes." I'm very disappointed that it's just 100 raunchy (Maxim raunchy, not Penthouse raunchy) photos of women. Plus, as Coed's own fans point out, there aren't actually 100 women. Some of the pictures are of the same model.
These are 100 stock photos. I was hoping for themed pictures, maybe a "post-racial America" babe or a "stimulus package" babe (pun intended!). Double douchebag decree on Coed for objectifying women and being f@#king lazy about it.

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