Court confirms that feminism is not a religion and that Roy Den Hollander is a waste of its time


 Remember Roy Den Hollander, the righteously antifeminst New York lawyer whose greatest hits of frivolous litigation include, "Ladies' Nights Are Unfair to Men," "The Violence Against Women Act is Unconstitutional to ME!," and "My Mail-Order Bride Left Me to Become a Stripper, I'm Gonna Sue the Club Where She Works"? Well, you'll be relieved to know that his most recent waste of a court's time and money — a lawsuit against Columbia University contending that their Women's Studies curriculum violates Title IX and was unconstituional — was given a big thumbs-down last week.

In the suit, Den Hollander claimed that the field of Women's Studies "demonizes men and exalts women in order to justify discrimination against men based on collective guilt," and that Columbia was using government funds to preach a "religionist belief system called feminism." The April 23 decision by Manhattan Judge Lewis A. Kaplan contended that, in fact, "Feminism is no more a religion than physics…. And at least the core of the complaint therefore is frivolous." (I'd like to think he then added a firm, Red Forman-esque "Dumbass!" to his statement.)

Columbia itself had filed a motion back in October for the case to be dropped entirely, stating that Hollander's compaint "reads like a parody." Hollander responded by amply proving the university's point with the statement that "Women's studies [programs] aid and abet murder.... Where do you think all those lunatic female syndromes come from for excusing murdering incipient human beings, boiling babies, drowning their children, and killing their boyfriends or husbands?"

But as we know well by now, this dude is nothing if not obsessed with getting the last word. Stung by Kaplan's decision, Den Hollander accused the judge of being (horrors!) a feminist, and pouted that "The only thing frivolous and absurd is men looking for justice in the courts of America." In that case, RDH, perhaps you should, I don't know, stop filing boneheaded lawsuits?

by Andi Zeisler
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Andi Zeisler is the cofounder of Bitch Media and the author of We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement. You can find her on Twitter.

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This sounds like a good

This sounds like a good Boston Legal episode.

"boiling babies"?

"boiling babies."

that's the first time I've run across that particular accusation. wow. it's like all those narratives of cannibalism that crop up in colonial literature or anti-semitic scare-stories. damn.

Does this guy make anyone

Does this guy make anyone else wish that we, evil baby killing feminists, that is, really DID murder people? He'd definatly be somewhere near the top of my list, what an asshole. A male friend of mine who was sort of on the fence about certain aspects of feminism, was completely won over after seeing an interveiw with this guy, we couldn't believe the tripe spilling out of this guys mouth, I believe it was reguarding the case about ladies nights. *insert eye rolling here*

why can't feminism be a

why can't feminism be a religion?
it can serve as a moral and spiritual guide, affecting the way I live my life (for the better)

Violence Against Women's Act

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"Every Man's Fantasy"

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Litigiousness & Scams

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Feminism a Religion?

Roy Den Hollander is half-right. Feminism is indeed, at its core, a religion. It's just not an <i> officially established church</i>, which is why the judge dismissed RDH's claim. So the judge, too, is half-right. Put them both together and you arrive at something closer to the truth, which is, that feminism serves the <i> function</i> of a religious belief system in the mind of its followers. Feminism as a whole is the seed or blueprint of a civilizational order which is gynocentric and gynonormative. The incipient Goddess theologies would be the purely "religious" element (in embryonic terms), while feminism's other branches would represent the secular power. So in the end, to define feminism as a "religion" is like defining Western civilization as a "religion" -- whereas it is more accurate to call it a cultural order suffused by a religious worldview (Christianity). (Needless to say, not everybody in Western civ is officially a "Christian", but I trust my point will be taken. :)

Feminism as a whole is the

<blockquote>Feminism as a whole is the seed or blueprint of a civilizational order which is gynocentric and gynonormative."</blockquote>

Oh Fiddlebottom, don't ever change.

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