Donald Trump: No douchebag trumps The Don

Below is a casual study of The Donald's misogynist exploits in the past few years (bypassing two marriages worth of affairs and dicey divorces during the 80's and 90's).

That Donald's a douche is a bit of a no-brainer, so here's a better question: why do the media pay the slightest attention to this guy?

2006 - Shit Talking Rosie



2007/2008 - Executive producer for the proposed reality show "Lady or a Tramp"

Take it from The Donald in Variety "We are all sick and tired of the glamorization of these out-of-control young women, so I have taken it upon myself to do something about it." Ya see, Donald is a man of compassion.

2008 - Miscellaneous sexist meanderings


2008 - Reaming Anne Hathaway for dumping her theiving boyfriend.


2004 Onward - Reality TV's "The Apprentice", enough said.


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I couldn't even get through the first video because that man makes me foam at the mouth with rage. He's a big baby who can dish criticism but can't take it. I hate everything about him, right down to the way his smarmy little face looks when he's being...well, smarmy. Think of any nasty thing you can call someone, big-word ones included, and that's Donald. He makes me so angry I can't even think to articulate my hatred properly. Like Rush Limbaugh. And I agree that no one can quite surpass douchebaggery like the Donald.

And I like Rosie O'Donnell. Partly because I choose to ignore the tripe (the 'fat dyke bitch', so to speak) the media portrays. I have no problem with Rosie, and, honestly, if I had to choose someone to be wiped off the planet for being useless, he'd be on the list.

This is going to sound absurd to some ...

... but one of the many reasons I got into feminism was because of Rosie O'Donnell. She made it seem really cool on her 1996-2002 talk show (Where some of her guests included Barbara Kingsolver, Alice Walker, Marlo Thomas, Anne Lamott, and Lauren Slater), and I still admire her for trying to bring Progressive viewpoints to mainstream television (The View 2006-7) at a time when they were virtually forbidden. If I recall, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity (among other conservative pundits) had sh*t-fits many days on their shows over anything she said on "The View" earlier the same day that they disagreed with.

Come to think of it, I guess progressive viewpoints were proving being forbidden when she let the world know of her feelings about guns in reaction to the Columbine incident 10 years' ago. The most uncomfortable day she ever had on her 1996-2002 talk show was when NRA supporter Tom Selleck appeared on it shortly afterwards.

It was especially gratifying and inspiring to see someone on TV with interests other than flaunt throwing their $riche$ away at Upper West Side, Michigan Avenue, and/or Rodeo Drive boutiques. She shopped at KMart, The Gap, Target, and -like many in her viewing audience at the time. When it came to "stuff," she preferred to give it away to her studio audience members. Okay, she has a couple of nice houses in different states. But the paparazzi usually doesn't find her shopping in said wealthy shopping districts. They are more likely to find her attending Broadway shows, charity benefits, and rescuing troubled swimmers on her jet ski.

I know there are many out there of Asian heritage that remain sore at her for some derogatory remarks she made mocking Chinese people prior to the Trump feud. But if anyone bothered to read her 2007 book "Celebrity Detox," she tells a story in it about how a hairdresser of Asian heritage explained to her that what she said was very, very wrong and deeply offensive to Chinese and Asian people (I will not repeat that here.) As I was reading that story, I felt that she seemed to learn something from that. However, the lesson is probably not over.

<a href="">Contrary to rumors, she is indeed blogging</a>

That said, I embrace feminism and progressivism now as learning experiences. Learning prepares for activism and continues alongside it. I am not perfect. Nobody is. There should be room for mistakes, and lessons being learned from them, even if someone here, there, and anywhere corrects them and makes me go "Oh, yeah ... you are probably right." That is how we grow forward.

As for Trump, he is an eternal preschooler. I ... absurd as it also sounds ... now admire Shanna Mokaler [sic] for taking her stand in resigning from his organization over that incident. She may not speak as loudly and clearly as Rosie did, but if Perez Hilton picks up on anything said otherwise, I'm her cheerleader.

Art of the Douchebag

Thank you for confirming this -- I have been having a debate with my friends for the last few days about the definition of a douche and who qualifies. The Donald may be the quintessential old douchebag (with Spencer Pratt just joining the ranks).....

Very funny post about this same topic here:

Donald Trump is an idiot

Donald Trump is an idiot looking to retain his moments of fame. He is the last person I would trust with an unbiased opinion on this matter.
Yeap, Donald sucks, but I came across a BBC show called "Ladette to Lady" and I have to admit that this may be one of the most entertaining programs I have ever seen. It airs on the Sundance Channel.

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