Douchebag Decree (Dis)Honorable Mention: 3oh!3

So I was riding in the car yesterday, fiddling with the radio dial, when I was blindsided by a gigantic bag of douchiness, masquerading itself in radio EP form. Coming through the speakers in my friend's Kia were these words (poorly sung, I might add):

Shush, girl! Shut your lips!/ Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips!

I'm sorry, what? Do the HELEN KELLER? Because the ideal woman is unable to hear, see, or speak and can only communicate through hip gyrations? Once I recovered from the severe case of douchelash these lyrics brought upon me, I was able to do a bit of investigative research. The song is called "Don't Trust Me," and the offenders performers are the Colorado-based duo 3oh!3. Apparently, this single and its creators are sweeping the nation this summer, delivering a message of doucherty and douchetice for all. Peep the video for further evidence of this:

Yikes. From what I can gather after a few listens, this song is sort of a hate anthem against an underage woman with a drug problem who may or may not want to sleep with the band. I could be wrong, but with here is an excerpt that has contributed to my interpretation:

B-b-b-bruises cover your arms/ Shaking in the fingers with the bottle in your palm/ And the best is (best is)/ No one knows who you are/ Just another girl alone at the bar

She wants to touch me (Woah)/ She wants to love me (Woah)/ She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh)/ Don't trust a ho/ Never trust a ho/ Won't trust a ho/ Cause a ho won't trust me

Um, so yeah, it's gross. And honestly, I might just file this song away in the sometimes-pop-music-is-super-douche-y folder that I've got going, but ever since this single came to my attention yesterday it seems like 3oh!3 is everywhere. Their MySpace page has something like 160 million views, they've got a bazillion fan sites on YouTube, and they are touring like crazy, to apparent great success. WHY, AMERICA? WHY ARE OUR YOUNG PEOPLE GOING DOUCHEBAG CRAZY?

Now, I realize that this type of summer jam is not new. Nor is the whole white-bratty-guy-dance-track breaking any new barriers in pop music. But for some reason, 3oh!3 seems even more offensive/obnoxious than others in the genre like Asher Roth, Shwayze, or LFO. Maybe it's because they are working with the lethal combination that is douchiness+taking yourselves too seriously+woman hate+inexplicable popularity. Whatever way you slice it, it's bad news for pop music and young women.

I say it's bad news for pop music because not only is this song maxing out on the woman-hate-o-meter, it is also just really bad. Those dudes are annoying, and are clearly so far up their own asses that their videos are also really trite and uninspired (and, you know, full of the aforementioned woman hate). Here is another one of their videos, entitled "Starstrukk" (Nice work on the intentional misspell, guys. It makes you seem really edgy.):

They've got a point there, right?!? Men DO just want to set women up in daisy dukes so that they can knock them down! It's practically science!!! These guys have really got things figured out. (No they don't.) And with the rest of the songs in their illustrious catalog bearing titles like, "Punkb*tch," "I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby," and "Holler Til You Pass Out" it doesn't sound like the rest of the 3oh!3 catalog is any better or more female-friendly.

I know this post makes me sound like a cranky old lady who can't get down with kids' music these days, but 3oh!3 is just way too douche-y for my blood. With lyrics that turn women into sex objects, dudes into d-bags, and appeal to young people, plus a horrible frat-guy aesthetic and obnoxious music, 3oh!3 is getting a big, fat, (Dis)Honorable Douchebag Decree from this feminist. What do you think?

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thank you.

Thank you, Kelsey, for exposing the utter douchebaggery of these guys. I first heard of 3oh!3 when their tour hit Washington, D.C., and a gaggle of adolescents wearing neon 3oh!3 t-shirts flooded my Metro car. At the time, I was lost and confused as to what the fuck 3oh!3 even was and why kids these days were going crazy over them. Now, I wish I were so naive. I know that misogyny often gets heavy Top-40 rotation, but this particular song is a particularly rare specimen: a clusterfuck of women hating and terrible, terrible pop music. The worst part is, most of the rabid fans I ran into on the Metro were girls.

I hear teenagers say "do the

I hear teenagers say "do the Helen Killer" all the time. It's so wrong on so many levels....ugh.

Douchebag Decree Dishonorable Mention for 3oh3

I concur with you absolutely that 3oh3 are douchebags. Good call. I followed the link and read the entire lyrics but didn't feel like having my stomach turned listening to that sexist condescending drivel. I suspect much of their fan base were also pre-apology fans of Don Imus. What a group of wanna-be wienies. They might be good for comic book material but I'd much rather listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter, Annie Lennox, the Dixie Chicks, Dido, and others too numerous to mention. Why are so many men unable to rise above the sexist societal brainwashing that women who want sex are bad and sluts while thinking men can 'sow their wild oats'. And why do people who don't have a vagina try to tell people who do have one when and how to use it?

Anyone watch InfoMania?

I was first introduced to this horrifying song via Current TV's Infomania. It was several months ago (when the song was in a top 5 on iTunes), but from my memory the commentator hilariously shut them down.

"The song includes lyrics that I would never want to sing. Anywhere."

(Insert Helen Keller related clip)

"I'm sure when he said 'do the Helen Keller' he wanted you to overcome a huge disability, write a classic American novel and become am activist for women's right. Yup, that's what he meant. They weren't just being douchebags."

It is comforting to know that the average music reviewer sees just how awful 3oh3 are.

They're not the only ones

3oh!3 isn't the only new band that's made up of misogynist douchebags. Hypercrush, Brokencyde...

I worked at Hot Topic for quite a while, and I was also absolutely appalled at how many young women like these bands. It's sick that music like this even exists, but what's even worse is that women are hearing it, and accepting it as something great!

No wonder our girls have so many problems nowadays..jeez..

HyperCrush is awesome. And

HyperCrush is awesome. And there is a woman in that band, you know. They might not be douchebags (my boyfriend met the band before the got famous in LA), but maybe their followers are. I've listened to a lot of their music and I don't understand how or why you think they're douchebags and misogynists.


I've never heard HyperCrush, but let me just point something out in your comment that was bothering me...

women, too, can be sexist. Your genitals do not make you any more or less sexist than the next person. It's the words and actions of you, as a person, do, in which determine that.

If only it weren't real..

Wow. My boyfriend and I heard this on the radio one day while flipping through stations. It was so bad, we both thought it MUST be some kind of awful parody, à la The Lonely Island or something.. If only.

If only... but it is

This is news to you and the writer of this rant:
3oh!3 is a parody. Although, I usually use the word "satire."
It's funny you mention "Lonely Island" because that is something that they used to watch.
Their very first "gangsta-elctro-pop song" was a joke--a secret song after 10 minutes of silence on their high school album Eight Hour Orphans. It turned out to be everyone's favorite song, and the rest is history. They experimented with themes like "dog fighting," "bling," and yes, this website's favorite "sexism," because that is one of the major themes popular among "gangsta" rap.

It's a cold comfort to think

It's a cold comfort to think of how many times these guys got kicked in the face and jabbed in the eye while making that second video. That little bit of high ground doesn't last so long as the fact that they spend all 3:13 of the song in a giant writhing puppy pile of seemingly desperate girls really sets in and takes hold.

I heard the first song "Don't Trust Me" while in the car with a friend. "Shush, girl! Shut your lips!/ Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips!" By this line I was definitely disgusted while still holding out hope that maybe it was another Helen Keller they were referring too. Obviously that was more hope than the situation warranted.

I really try to stay away from mainstream media and music trends and these guys are a perfect example of why I sold my FM radio in a tag sale at age 7 and never bought another one.


"I know this post makes me sound like a cranky old lady who can't get down with kids' music these days"
Lol, no, you sound like someone who is justifiably pissed off ;)
Apparently there are claims ( that they are a bit like The Lonely Island, in that they are being ironic. To be perfectly honest, I don't buy it ( in the case of 3Oh!3 or the Lonely Island). Our airwaves are already filled with this crap, to me their music is just contributing to the pollution.
If you want to know how this music is able to survive in the mainstream, it's because it hides behind the facade of being satirical, which is the reason Borat, The Lonely Island, etc. etc. are able to exist in the mainstream. Which is scary because, honestly, I could say anything blatantly offensive and shield myself from criticism by saying, "no, I was just joking, I was really making fun of mainstream values". It's a really sly, devious way of doing things.

Oh and I'm not sure I agree with you about 30h!3 being more offensive than Asher Roth. His Lark on Your Go-Kart Lyrics are disgusting, and I feel physically ill whenever I hear the part in Roth Boys where he says:
"You ain't even gotta bring your boyfriend out/
We can turn the lights off/
And play who's in your mouth (who's in your mouth)"

The only difference is that

The only difference is that The Lonely Island is actually funny. And Andy Samberg is an actual comic.

Like having a song about chex mix. Or being on shrooms. Or being on a motherfuckin' boat.

I seirously doubt 3oh!3 is being ironic. And if they are, it's like those racist hipsters who are claiming to be ironic.

And regarding that Asher Roth song... the "who's in your mouth" lyric is in reference to a Dane Cook joke. He has this joke that there's a great party game, to turn out the lights and try to guess who is in your mouth.

Pretty sure you guys linked

Pretty sure you guys linked to the wrong LFO. You want the Summer Girls dudes, right? The British Techno band is actually pretty all right. These are the abercrombie and fitch guys:

(PS: I posted this comment in the wrong thread before. I'll delete it as soon as it shows up.)


You're right; I accidentally linked to the British techno band instead of the American group "Lyte Funky Ones." I had no idea there was an LFO (band) and an LFO (group). Thanks for catching that!

Or do you mean LMFAO?

Or do you mean LMFAO?

LFO hasn't had a song in, like, 10 years, so I wouldn't count them as relevant anymore. I doubt any of the kids in high school have even heard of them, and when I was in middle school is when they were popular.

when is the new issue coming

when is the new issue coming out? i must be counting time wrong, cuz i've been waiting a month already.


We took a brief pause in order to re-design the magazine, but the next issue will be out (and looking better than ever!) at the beginning of September. Get ready!

re: Asher Roth

<a href="">Heard him on NPR on Sunday.</a> Misogynist on a mission? Misunderstood? I just see him as a spoiled-ass suburbanite who really, really needs to wake up and smell the reality of what is outside of those "cushy" suburbs and it really, really is a whole different world out there ...

re: 3Oh!3 - Colorado has done and can do much, much better than this. Fanny Pack, anyone?

Commentary like this is why

Commentary like this is why feminists get such a bad rep. The group is clearly going for a comical "vibe"- just look at it's name. Actually, by mentioning the long-deceased Helen Keller the group is just adding to her well-deserved fame. Us feminists should stick to reprimanding those, particularly radio-played rappers, who refer to women as bitches and hoes in their lyrics. The more radical we become, the more our cause will be overlooked. Keep this in mind...

THERE are the words...

I couldn't quite put my finger on why that song made me feel a little dirty upon hearing it for the first time, but I think you've nailed it. These guys are attempting to do the spaghetti-misogyny of Mindless Self Indulgence, but they've undershot the mark. What MSI's Jimmy Urine says clearly in irony, these guys say half-seriously. Worse, they're doing it all over the radio, subtly influencing pop culture with humor that isn't completely in jest (and definitely not funny).

These guys DO refer to women

These guys DO refer to women as "ho's". The song's chorous IS "Don't trust a ho, never trust a ho". So, do you mean we should only be reprimanding rappers of color for this or...what?

Keep this in mind? yeah, thanks...

you know, i really can't stand it when people say "this is why feminists get a bad rep" or "we need to be less radical or others will stop listening". What ever happened to saying what you think is authentically right? i'm definitely not going to temper my beliefs just because other people won't get them. that's weak.

Just an FYI, I would

Just an FYI, I would consider these guys (especially Sean) as some of my best friends. They are indeed being ironic and do not typically base their lyrics on any sort of entrenched belief system so much as they write their lyrics to depend on a clever turn of a phrase. I consider myself a feminist (or perhaps a feminist ally) and can understand the detriments posed by repeating overtly sexist remarks over and over again on the radio. Yet, I have to agree with the previous comment regarding taking an extreme position and the potential it has to be alienating to the exact groups that one would hopefully seek to include in their philosophy.

Because I have had the privilege of knowing these guys for many years, you can take my word that, as far as people go, you have a lot more to be concerned about from many other sources of sexism then 3Oh!3. They are intelligent, worldly, and progressive individuals who are worthy of knowing better than tabloids and lyrics allow. Furthermore, if you were to examine their whole catalog, you would note that most of their songs are spoken from an alternating points of view, or voices, that are not their own. Primarily, their lyrical messages tend to be overly sarcastic and somewhat mocking of the scene that they are apart of - in effect they are a bit self-deprecating to illustrate the absurdity of the pop lifestyle by reveling in its ostentatious nihilism. The added dig comes from the reaction they sometimes get from people such as the author of this blog, whom suffer from the same self-absorption that is found in the lifestyle they decry and that 3Oh!3 likes to subtly parody.

Moreover, Sean (who graduated top of his class from CU in the English department) and Nat (who graduated top of his class in Biology) would both probably acknowledge that their lyrics are far from the high level of discourse that most feminist would like for pop artists to strive for. However, they do like to have fun and see their fans have fun. In this respect they succeed splendidly because no matter how sexist the lyrics to this song are, they have found a way to connect with millions of people (men and women) around the world. Which is something that the feminist movement has had a hard time doing throughout the years. Perhaps this is because they don't take themselves too seriously. Think about that.


"Sean (who graduated top of his class from CU in the English department) and Nat (who graduated top of his class in Biology) would both probably acknowledge that their lyrics are far from the high level of discourse that most feminist would like for pop artists to strive for...they have found a way to connect with millions of people (men and women) around the world. Which is something that the feminist movement has had a hard time doing throughout the years. Perhaps this is because they don't take themselves too seriously. Think about that."

That makes it even worse, that they're intelligent and still deliver this message. It's called peddling to the lowest common denominator. That's not exactly something to be proud of. I don't think feminists expect that all pop culture will contain a "high level of discourse" but it certainly does not need to contain the words "ho" or slurs about Helen Keller.

2nd that.

I agree. I think the point of the post (which is a good point) is that this song is especially crappy because it was made by these two over-priviledged white suburban jerks. The fact that they are highly educated over priviledged white suburban jerks, capable of understanding how their music is stupid, only adds to that point.

Besides, none of that takes away from the reality that the song is mean spirited and hateful toward women. As we've seen many times throughout history, it's easy to unite people around intolerance. Will Sean and Nat's next track be 'Don't Trust a Jew'? I mean, if they are into uniting people around hatred, why not just go all out? Riiiight?

Apparently, if you are the type of chick who thinks its ok to let over privledged white suburban jerks degrade certain types of girls, if you think these women deserve their treatment because of the way they dress or drink in public, you can feel really affirmed and superior when you hear a song like "Don't Trust a Ho." Perhaps that explains its wide appeal amongst young girls. It appeals to the worst angels of our nature.


They don't even write their own lyrics half the time! Don't give them "ironic" and "intelligent" credit. Most of the time their lyrics are written by the same person who writes for Brittany Spears and the [rest of the pop garbage out there] like; they just go along with this bullshit, jump around on stage like fools and shout out the words the best they can.

I'm from the town which this bullshit was sloppily and drunkenly conceived, and it has been a train wreck in slow motion for the past few years. I have tried to avoid it, but they're everywhere! "Hey, have you heard of 3OH!3?!?!?" These asshats used to do [just as offensive] "crunk" rap until they sold their souls and let someone else write this awful garbage. They are the biggest thing ever now and they are giving Colorado a HORRIBLE name and it's making all us respectable people want to blow our damn brains out! Everyone who knows them says the same thing, "Their music's ironic; they're perpetuating the greatest inside joke on the music industry EVER!" How? Tell me how making tons of money for the industry off of poppy junk that you didn't even write, and being a total puppet and tool is a "joke"? It's just sad. They are bringing the industry and standard for music down even further and it makes me really, really sad. 3OH!3 is another reason I am losing even more hope in humanity every day.

Also... I've spoken to these kids; never heard an intelligent word out of them. Sorry, but it doesn't take that much to graduate at the top of your class from CU (if that's true). College does not necessarily equal intelligence, most of the dumbest people I know graduated from college with ease. And yes, they are over privileged white suburban jerks!

Props to these comments. Im

Props to these comments. Im SURE that the members of 3Oh!3 are very nice guys, could be smart. We have no reason to believe that they are bad people. But it begs the question, why do "smart" people take this route? I know plenty of artists that choose to write and record their own music, and don't sell their souls to a label that will, 99% of the time, tell them what to play/sing and then sell it to the mindless idiots that buy it. No wonder so many people are pirating music....its not worth the money to purchase. Their is so little quality. Its not like there is a shortage of good/intelligent music/musicians out there. Why don't these labels sign these kinds of artists?? I'm betting it would help the problem.

I went to lunch with some of

I went to lunch with some of my best friend's family today. One of the mothers told us that her daughter came home from school on Friday and told her that she wanted to "do the Hellen Keller". Her daughter is 9.

Adults/teens can roll their eyes at "music" like this, but (at risk of sounding like Helen Lovejoy) what about 9 year old girls? She's not the exception, she's the rule, and this type of music is at her fingertips.

Seriously? Try and defend them!

They don't even write their own lyrics half the time! Don't give them "ironic" and "intelligent" credit. Most of the time their lyrics are written by the same person who writes for Brittany Spears and the [rest of the pop garbage out there] like; they just go along with this bullshit, jump around on stage like fools and shout out the words the best they can.

I'm from the town which this bullshit was sloppily and drunkenly conceived, and it has been a train wreck in slow motion for the past few years. I have tried to avoid it, but they're everywhere! "Hey, have you heard of 3OH!3?!?!?" These asshats used to do [just as offensive] "crunk" rap until they sold their souls and let someone else write this awful garbage. They are the biggest thing ever now and they are giving Colorado a HORRIBLE name and it's making all us respectable people want to blow our damn brains out! Everyone who knows them says the same thing, "Their music's ironic; they're perpetuating the greatest inside joke on the music industry EVER!" How? Tell me how making tons of money for the industry off of poppy junk that you didn't even write, and being a total puppet and tool is a "joke"? It's just sad. They are bringing the industry and standard for music down even further and it makes me really, really sad. 3OH!3 is another reason I am losing even more hope in humanity every day.

Also... I've spoken to these kids; never heard an intelligent word out of them. Sorry, but it doesn't take that much to graduate at the top of your class from CU (if that's true). College does not necessarily equal intelligence, most of the dumbest people I know graduated from college with ease.

Epic fail

Posting the same thing 5 times clearly gives you the moral highground. Before you lash out, learn2internet.

I played lacrosse with Motte from 30h3 in high school, he's a smart and funny guy. Your rage that they are popular and making good money off decidedly over-the-top cheesy pop music makes their success all the sweeter. Instead of being pissed off that a couple Colorado boys are having fun and doing well because of it maybe you should direct your rage at the fact that the country and entire world are more focused on the death of a child molester who also wrote crappy pop music and have completely forgotten about issues such as the two wars our country is fighting, the economy, education, and a slew of other issues. Or you could even get mad that there are lots of people working for cigarette and alcohol companies that do a lot more damage to our youth than lyrics about a dead deaf person. But clearly you have chosen this Great Satan to sink your holier-than-thou teeth into. Hope that works out for you, but probably you'll just be fashionably appalled for a bit and then move on to the next trendy complaint, all the while accomplishing exactly nothing.

Glory unto the 303 and the boys making her famous!

FYI, it's called a glitch.

FYI, it's called a glitch. I've accidentally posted the same message a few times.

People have the right to fight whatever battles they want to. Some people get angry about the state of world affairs, some people get angry about the kind of music that's being marketed to our youth. Some people get angry about the war, some people get angry about the media.

However, it isn't your place to tell someone what they should be angry about and comment on. Obviously you care about feminist issues or you wouldn't have taken the time to read this article and the comments and them make a comment yourself.

It does accomplish things, it brings awareness about the kind of music out there and what to avoid.

These guys will have one hit CD, then fade into the background like the one-hit wonders they are. They're nothing more than talentless, over-privileged white suburbanites.

Thanks Whitney!

I really appreciate you sticking up for me :) and this guy (x303 Warriorx) does not care about feminist issues, I assure you. I know him personally and he is an avid anti-feminist. He openly speaks about women being objects and says that if he wanted to marry a flat girl, that would be fine, because he'd buy her a pair of fake "tits". He doesn't care about women (aside from them on their knees) he only cares about awful music and defending people who perpetuate misogyny (being a misogynist himself) and letting the world know he is better than them.

I'm glad other people believe that the dumbing down of our youth through media is an issue. Thanks again, Whitney!

No worries. Always more than

No worries. Always more than happy to defend a fellow Bitch-er.

I was actually reading up on the differences between Gen X and Gen Y (I myself fall into the MTV Generation, between X and Y) and of course, the new "Z" generation, and it's astounding how kids are different now from when I was growing up and from when Gen X-ers were growing up. Kids today feel entitled and are lazy. So it's no guess that the music they listen to will be lazy as well. And also brush up on the whole "sexting" craze... middle and high school kids sending nude or semi-nude photos of themselves through their cell phones. The difference between me and them, being that when I first got my cell phone in high school, camera phones and even texting didn't really exist yet. And when I was a freshman in college, Facebook was just being created, and same with Myspace. I still remember when FB was open to a limited number of universities.

So kids in middle and high school now are facing hardships, in that they're the first real generation to grow up in the Digital Age, along with more sex on TV, therefore not really giving them any hardships. I remember a time before the internet, and having to look up information in an encyclopedia. I doubt kids these days even know what an encyclopedia is. And things are being dumbed down, teachers are less demanding, and schools are too accommodating to students and their demands. And students are lazy and don't nearly study as much as I did as a kid, and now 5th graders have cell phones. Kids really aren't kids anymore and are growing up too fast. So it's no wonder why music like this is popular with them.

Hooray! I think we should

Hooray! I think we should probably be friends. You sound like my kind of person for so, so many reasons :) I go OFF constantly about "these kids today!" and hearing about things like "sexting" and how kids want gym class cut because they feel it's not alright to be subjected to things that some kids are bad at... gimme a fucking break! Being a loser in middle school makes you a better person in life, I swear! How are these kids ever going to survive in the real world if all their lives the entire world walked on eggshells and accommodated them so that their feelings wouldn't be hurt and they wouldn't have to over exert themselves? Well, I guess the world is going to be a much different place, except us MTV generation-ers will be hopefully giving these kids a swift kick in the behind!

Can you imagine never having to go to a library to look things up? Or having to do a proper bibliography? It's all so easy now! Kids are to damn lazy to even spell things out, they use numbers, letters and acronyms... good gravy! My little cousin, who is 19 and in college doesn't know proper grammar, the difference between <i>their</i>, <i>there</i> and <i>they're</i> or anything such as that... he's in fucking college!! Every other thing he says to me is "OMG, FML" (FML means "fuck my life", I had to look it up), I tell him he can say "fuck my life" to me when he's a month past due on his rent and he hasn't eaten anything besides mac & cheese and ramen for a year and he's sold everything he owns just to pay for <b>that</b>; then we'll talk about "fuck my life". See? You probably shouldn't have gotten me started! Haha.

It makes me so sad that these kids will never know good, talented musicians, actors, directors or authors. Sloth rules the digital age and everyone praises and throws money at these people, boo!

It's definitely the Me

It's definitely the Me Generation.

And I do agree, it's totally ridiculous how catered to kids are these days. I've even heard of kids suing their parents for disciplining them.

And these fucking judges who are taking these cases... it's ridiculous.

These Kids today...

The way you are saying that the youth of today are spoiled, catered to, and totally unknowledgable of "good, talented musicians, actors, directors or authors" is very stereotypical, and I find that offensive, rude, and a very uneducated opinion. I must say that yes, so many other teenagers love rap, 3!oh!3, fml, and other "garbage", but when you say "these kids today", you are saying ALL kids and teenagers are self-centered little brats who really need an education. Personally, I don't like rap, acronyms, 3!oh!3, or fml. I do have to go to the library for research, and I work hard at everything I do. The people I associate myself with behave likewise. There is no "sloth" that rules our digital age, and laziness does not drive us. Just because teenagers today want different things and have different values doesn't make us lazy, stupid, uneducated, and don't know how to do proper bibliographes and such. And I do know: (Their is a possesive, they're is a contraction for they are, and there is a way of locating something or specifying the object/thing you are speaking about.)

Yes, many points you bring up are correct, and they are good points. But you need to realize that the generation is not all like this, though many are. Many people my age are still very motivated people, myself included. I am taking AP world history as a 10th grader, and am in honors english. Do get AHEAD a year in math, I am taking geometry over the summer. I also play basketball, participate in dance and musicals, and am on the school newspaper. When I am a senior, I will become the yearbook editor. I am the leader of my church's youth group, am on a district and conference level planning and leadership team, and I will work for anything I want. I am not lazy, afraid of success, swayed by peers, or morally unstable.

I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Neither do any of my friends. i do not "sleep around", in fact, I don't even do that with any person. Sadly, yes, many teenagers are making terrible decisions and being incredibly lazy in all arenas of life. But please stop labeling our generation this way, and making all of us look bad- some of us are genuinely good, motivated people, and WE DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING DEGRADED AND OPRESSED BY YOUR COMMENTS, because WE CANNOT CONTROL HOW OTHER TEENS ACT! We must strive to be greater individuals than the whole generation, and we do. So we would appreciate it if you stepped off your high horse and at least realized YOU ARE BEING AS SNOBBISH, STEREOTYPICAL, and DEGRADING as 3!oh!3 with your comments. Just because some cookies are burnt doesn't mean the whole batch is ruined. Please fix your viewpoint and comments, to represent the truth.

P.S.- swearing does not earn you respect, or make your comments anymore hard hitting...

Calm down already

Good Lord you didn't need to be so offended. I'm not stupid enough to believe that all teenagers and younger kids like that. It's called a general statement.

And wow, good for you, I could care less. It doesn't make my point any less valid. My point was that a *majority* of kids are how I described. Obviously, there are exceptions. Learn not to get so goddamned offended. You know what my generation is? The stoners, the kids who shoot up their schools, Goth kids, kids who are generally fucked up in the head and on Prozac or Ritilin. Do I get offended when older people talk about how fucked up MY generation is? No. Do I go on a rant about it? No. I learn to be an adult about it and agree and say that I was one of the lucky ones who wasn't like that.

Calm down and stop being so dramatic.

Oh, and Erynn... just read

Oh, and Erynn... just read Chelsea's comment at the bottom of the page written on July 23rd. . that's what I'm talking about. That's lazy, not spelling out "people" and using text messaging language. And having a general apathetic attitude.

excuse me and my disfuncional server...

That was an accident. I really didn't mean to post that five times... oops, my bad. I'm pretty sure I know "how to internet" (whatever the fuck that means).
Actually, I'm pretty sure I can think of plenty of things to get pissed off about, actually, I'm pretty sure I know who you are x303 Warriorx (you have no idea who I am though). I'm plenty pissed about the economy and education, and the government, and as for those people working for the cigarette and alcohol companies? Well, at least cigarette and alcohol companies provide thousands of honest jobs for Americans, they also provide a product that people want a pay for, which HELPS the economy... you straight-edge elitist! You are so high and mighty about so many things, and you think that it is I that is holier-than-thou? HA! You are defending POP MUSIC!!!! Geeze! Trust me (person I think this is, possibly with the initials BH?), I have plenty of other things which I "sink my teeth into" on a daily basis, the Juggernaut that is the music industry and the dumbing down that they perpetuate on the world is not at the very top, but it is of a great concern. Talent should be rewarded, it is not, that is so, so sad; instead we pay money to people like this, we reward and look up to them. I weep for people who condone this kind of music and behavior.


Go look up the definition of "epic".

From wonderful

From wonderful epic fail:

The highest form of fail known to man. Reaching this level of fail means only one thing: You must die, or the world will fail itself due to such an extreme level of failage.

While I find that to be supremely accurate, should you choose to ignore the vernacular and opt instead for a more classical definition, here you go.

from epic:

of unusually great size or extent.

Ever heard of any publicity is good publicity? Epic fail indeed. This article and all comments bring publicity to the band, laughs to those of us who find your misguided anger humorous, and higher blood pressure to you. Good work.

And haha you got me. I wasn't really trying to hide it, or I would've left it "anonymous." So who might you be, now that we are divulging identities? And to counter your own intrinsically flawed logic, the pop music industry employs a lot of people, and for that matter so does the firearms industry, not to mention the vast amount of people making a living off of nuclear weapons. Not that I have a problem with nuclear weapons or firearms [I have used both for a living], but I'm assuming you probably do. Point being, pop music generates money too, thus helping the economy completely shattering your argument there. Also, it doesn't directly kill those who use it or those around them. Good try, though.

I think pop music is brainless, however it can be catchy and is entirely harmless so I don't blow a gasket about it, be it Shakira or 3Oh!3. I myself enjoy classical and obscure Scandinavian metal, both of which take far more talent than either aforementioned pop sensation but due to lack of mass appeal suffer relative obscurity. However this does not bother me and I like what I like and let others do the same - be it drinking, smoking, or teeny bopping. My "straight-edge elitist" self is even all for drug legalization, I fully believe in the right of people to do what they want as long as it is not harming other people. After all, that's what America is all about.

- BH

RE: "straight-edge elitist"

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Leave The Edge out of this.

A bit of regulatin'...

Hey commenters,

I had to delete a couple of comments from this thread because things were getting a bit too personal. We love when lots of people comment on our blog posts, but we can't allow comments to veer too far away from the original post (or become personal attacks).

Please continue to share your thoughts with us, but let's all respect each other and stay (somewhat) on topic. Thanks!

3oh3 have been pretty big

3oh3 have been pretty big for the last few years, I've been hearing them around constantly in art-kid, swanky hipster, college dorm room parties with lots of lycra tights and strobe lights.

Yes, there lyrics are sexist and demoralizing.
Yes, they think they're being "ironic" (whether they succeed is a different issue).
Yes, it's a regression and in an ideal world women wouldn't stand for it, and it would never have gotten played, but this isn't the ideal world, and there's worse music that has gotten played.

Free speech does exist, and sometimes it lets out degrading lines hidden by swanky beats, it's a sad fact of life, but it's a reality.

Now, my issue is, I'm more worried and angry at the parents of these daughters or even the school teachers that do not instill proper value and self-esteem in girls to think for themselves.

I like 3oh3, am I aware of how horribly sexist their lyrics are? Of course! Do I like it? Absolutely not. I don't buy their CDs, if it plays on the radio/at a party, then I'll dance and listen.

But I KNOW better, my daughters are going to KNOW better, than to deal with men in our lives with these ideals, if a man ever said "do the hellen keller and talk with your hips", I'd go absolutely nuclear with him.

In my personal life, that kind of treatment I will not tolerate.

Damaging material is always going to be out there, so let's not be a regime where we just try to hide, censor, stifle the problem (no matter how ridiculously crappy it is), and just work on trying to salvage the women of this younger generation to think for themselves, and have self-respect.

ALSO, I'm much more scared of what Hanna Montanna is doing to the young girls than what 3oh3 is.

I'm too tired to repeat my

I'm too tired to repeat my initial comment, but one of the comments you deleted was mine, and I don't remember writing any personal attacks, using any inciteful speech, name calling, and I'm nearly 100% sure I stayed on topic.

Now, I just feel like you deleted my comment because the opinion of my comment differed from yours/the statement of this particular blog. You know, I adore this blog, and the kickass women who are on it, and discuss hot button topics, but I must say, being silenced is disconcerting and it clashes with the ideals the magazine stands for.


So in one video, they're grossed out by being touched by a woman, and in the other they look very uncomfortable in a big pile of women. It's called sex with men, guys! Try it sometime. Maybe if she "shuts her lips" he can fantasize that she's Clay Aiken.

Offensive to disabled people as well

I personally found this offensive to disabled people as well as women. I work directly with Deaf-Blind people, and they certainly communicate with real language (English, ASL), not abstract hip gyrations or the like. Helen Keller was an amazing woman who accomplished so much, she deserves to be remembered with respect. She shouldn't be crudely referenced as though she had no intelligent thought.

Yeah this song is

Yeah this song is Douchelisous!!

Mysogyny vs. Mysandry in music today.

For every one song that claims to be “misogyny”, there are 100 “misandry” (hatred of men) type songs, and unlike the tongue-and-cheek nature of 3OH!3, most “misandry” type songs are mean spirited, and sometimes down-right violent.

Perhaps the blame can be placed “jagged little pill” that started this visceral spiral of “misandry”…not sure.

But good men out there…don’t be fooled….enjoy 3OH!3, and similar bands…it’s just studpid, fun music.

Here are a few fairly recent samples of the abundant “mysandric-type" songs in today’s pop music world…listen to the tone of the lyrics…very different from 3OH!3.

Pussycat Dolls: I Don't Need A Man
Destiny's Child: Independent Women
Miranda Lambert: Gunpowder And Lead
Dixie Chicks: Goodbye Earl
Beyonce: Hey Ladies
Beyonce: Next Ex
Carrie Underwood: Before He Cheats
Jamie O Neal: Trying To Find Atlantis

By the same token, however,

By the same token, however, I think you must also take into account the fact that women have always been marginalized and objectified. Does that not seem like reason enough to be angry with our male-dominated society and the men contained therein? I, too, am a male, and I rather enjoy hearing such songs on the radio--on the rare occasion that I am not listening to my iPod instead, that is.

Regarding the insipid song at hand, I felt a little out-of-place in my home today when I expressed my thorough detestation of this song for its blatantly sexist lyrics and generally obnoxious sound. (Though some claim to enjoy these "funky beats," I cannot understand the appeal--and this is coming from a self-professed fan of technopop.) Funnily enough, I searched "3oh!3 sexism" to see if anyone else felt the same way; needless to say, I was thoroughly relieved to come across this article. My younger brother, a member of Generation Z, protested that "the song is catchy," which apparently makes up for any qualms with the lyrical content. One of my sisters, only two years younger than I, echoed my brother's sentiments; I can also state with fair certainty that she has little interest in feminist ideals and the like. My father (unsurprisingly) could not even comprehend such a strongly disapproving standpoint in regard to the song, simply saying that "it's just a song." While I admit that pop music is largely (inherently?) devoid of meaning or artistic value, I believe that becoming angry and/or frustrated over music that so clearly perpetuates the degradation of women is perfectly justified. (The worst part is that our neighbors blast the song so loudly that, no matter where I go or how many windows I close, this aural garbage still manages to invade my ears!)

And, as a final complaint, to whomever referred to Michael Jackson as a "child molester": stop following sensationalized media headlines and do a little research. If you were to actually research the details of the child molestation cases--and perhaps familiarize yourself with the man himself, you would know that Michael would never do such a thing and that EVERY single instance in which allegations were made against Michael stemmed from a desire to falsely accuse Michael in hopes of capitalizing on a piece of his fortune.

What about this video? same song but no connection to the band

Since the official music video is no good, what do you all this of this unofficial one? It actually portrays the guy as being the "ho" and he gets a bit of a slap in the face at the end.

I've never seen the original music video nor have i heard any of their other music so i always thought of the song on this videos terms as them saying don't trust the jerk guys who sleep around and do anything for a woman's attention. I guess watching the original would have helped me see that that is NOT how the song was written.

Reply to Potty-Mouthed 3Oh3 fan's Moronic Comment

It seems to me that a person who can't spell the word douche should probably refrain from calling the Editor an idiot. He claims nobody reads the magazine while commenting on its blog (moron). He not only thinks it's fine for the band to refer to a woman as a ho but compounds it by calling the Editor a whore (misogynist). I'd suggest he take a course in remedial grammar ("magazine call bitch") and give up on trying to pass off expletives for dialogue. He might even be better off with primal grunting which would probably come more naturally to him. Kelsey, you are intelligent, articulate, and were on the mark.

No need for such hostility

Hostile much?

There is no need to use the f-word as an insult. and there is no need to be offended, you can politely disagree and say why you disagree with reason.

really people? is it such a

really people? is it such a big deal that all of u old ladies need to sit around getting all angry about it? just let it go! wow i mean i hate sexism too and i try to fight it too, but about a song? its just a waste of time!

drop the act.

I believe it is you that is too far up your own ass my dear. it's a song. they're a band. we all know Hellen Keller was a historic figure that did many great things, i've heard worse things from bands. In an eminem song, he states “Boy girl groups make me sick, and I cant wait until I catch all you faggots in public, I’m a love it.” 3oh!3 threatens to be violent towards no one in this way, so they enjoy their strippers!? if strippers or young suicidal groupies want to put themselves in that position, it's not the bands fault that they are being exploited. and honestly... you think 'douchebag' is a good thing to say about ANYONE? so how about you drop the good Christian act and really think about how much of a hypocrit you are.

Commenting on Sexism is Not Putting On an Act

I think douchebag is a relatively mild term for guys who perpetuate the very double standards and slurs that men have used for centuries to justify the way they demean, abuse and discriminate against women. I'd suggest you wake up, look around, and take notice of not only the stigmatization and stereotyping that goes along with this kind of attitude, but also take notice of how far we have to go to attain equality. Out of 100 Senators, how many of them are women? What is the average percentage of women in the boardrooms of the largest corporations? The issue was not about religious righteousness or pomposity, it was about respect for women. Incidentally, you misspelled hypocrite.

did i claim to be an english

did i claim to be an english major?! no. i didn't. sexism exits, of course. we've all been victims. but why blame it on a band of all things!? and do you realize how many artists ACTUALLY write their own music?! slim to none my dear. all of their songs aren't about that, you should probably listen to more than their singles to understand that. they're are so many worse bands out there, it's music. everyones just trying to make it. why pin it all on one offender? i think you're just another feminist with her panties in a bunch. just relax. im female too! and i don't feel offended in the least bit, why? BECAUSE IT'S JUST A SONG, NOT A PUBLIC ADDRESS OR SOMETHING!

Holy crap! You're accusing

Holy crap! You're accusing the blogger and others of overreacting while having a massive overreaction yourself, quite the feat. Citing a band's sexism and blaming them for sexism are two very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeery different things. Nobody's trying to "pin it all [by which I take it you mean sexism] on one offender" my dear.

I used to like this song,

I used to like this song, but then I figured out what the lyrics said. How dare they refer to women as 'hoes'! I stick them a giant middle finger for their sexist pigginess!

Calm down

You guys need to just calm down and give up this stupid complaining wont stop them from being popular and they deserve it they arent women haters and they only write that stuff because that is what all the popular ppl r doing like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Everyone who is a bigshot writes sexist stuff so just get over it. There are some mature ppl in the world who will just ignore it. Thats whats in and u ppl just cant accept it. They really arent like that they are really cool ppl and they arent rude to women outside theyre songs. You ppl should look more into them before you judge them and listen to other ppl. 3oh!3 is in and you ppl just take things to seriouisly. All of my friends and class mates know that their songs r hurtful towards women but we dont mind it all of us young people think like that. We are just mature enough to handle it and not get all worked up about. Also i am a girl and i know this stuff is hurtful towards women but i checked them out and they arent really that way this stuff is just whats popular if you ppl havent noticed. So whoever thinks that Sean and Nat r douchebags then fuck you they arent they are really nice guys and i met them.

"All of my friends and class

"All of my friends and class mates know that their songs r hurtful towards women but we dont mind it all of us young people think like that. We are just mature enough to handle it and not get all worked up about. Also i am a girl and i know this stuff is hurtful towards women but i checked them out and they arent really that way this stuff is just whats popular if you ppl havent noticed."

And you just know that Rhianna had it coming.

You're collectively not as mature and able to handle it as you realize, and it's incredibly sad to think about the inevitable consequences for some.

I take it 90% of you are

I take it 90% of you are above the age of 30 and hate Eminem and everything like it also. The band is not to be taken seriously, it seems a lot of you are too dense to get that. You are all getting pretty damn worked up over a JOKE. Most people who like them find the music FUNNY. The band, nor the majority of there listeners act any of what they say out in real life. If this music can convince someone to do something stupid, they were predisposed to do it anyway. Reminds me of people hating on video games like Doom because someone who played it shot up a school or something. If you can't teach your kids the difference between this make believe shit and reality, then it is you as a parent who has failed. We have freedom of speech for a good reason.

Nimowns...tsk tsk tsk.

Really? I'm 16. I love how your age and personal taste in music seem, to you, to have to do with the fact that the lyrics are straight out sexist and offensive to the disabled. Anyways...

You see, I kind of have this thing about "jokes." I make jokes all the time. I have a VERY sarcastic sense of humor, and my friends and I tease each other constantly. I love satire, I love borderline offensive art that actually points out the irony of the content within it. However, there are boundaries. Boundaries in which are established by social context, personal experience, and the difference between funny and not funny.

Let's go to comedy for a second: the use of the slang "nigger." Comedians use this constantly and typically manage to get away with it because of the understanding they develop with the audience. More than likely, an audience member will understand the joke and laugh.

However, there are other "comedians" who take it way to far. So far, that it becomes a personal attack. It's no longer a joke, it's just downright wrong. Let's take <i>this</i> for example:

'Don't Trust Me' doesn't bother me as much as other songs I've heard, but that doesn't make it any less of an issue. It may not be the true opinions of the artists, which is pretty hard for me to believe, but it does bring out this element of hatred and disrespect whether the listener realizes it or not. The satire is missed. If that was their intent, they failed to present that. It was a bad joke.

The thing with music is that you hear it in public, a lot. More so than video games. You hear it on the radio, you hear it at clubs, you hear it EVERYWHERE. It disturbs me to think about people partying to this, as if encouraging this type of mentality.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of people just like the sound, they think it's catchy for some reason. They don't seem to really care about the actual meaning of the song, kind of like every single song they listen to. I only say this because I have dealt with kids like this pretty much all of my life. Within the past 3-4 years, this ignorance has become more and more potent. It's all just a scene, all just about social networking. My generation simply doesn't have the desire to find insight and emotional connections through music anymore. The majority of the kids I've encountered have this huge pack mentality and will only mock you if you try to say anything somewhat intelligent. I've had it happen to me on several different issues, not just with sexism.

So yes, whether you want to admit it or not, these kids end up getting at least a slight influence from their music and the people they associate themselves with, who also are influenced in some way by their music as well. In a class of mine, we were allowed to listen to our iPods, and one of the kids would constantly sing aloud to this song and a lot of other songs with misogynist lyrics. Let's just say he took a little too much inspiration from his music, as well as two of the other kids in that class. They were a little too physical with the four females (including me) in that class in a way which was not encouraged nor appreciated.

It's not that these kids didn't have some issues beforehand with boundaries, but it is music like this that basically fuels the flame. Parents can only do so much until it is up to you as an individual to decide whether or not you're going to actually play out elements of the media.

However, having issues with this song does not automatically equate to censorship. You seem to have somehow managed to fuse the two together just like so many other people who try to argue with feminists about things that are so obvious. I honestly would not have this song censored, because, yes, there comes a time where raising your child steps in and a time where the media cannot constantly baby the people. Of course, it has made us puppets, but that's another story.

My whole reason about arguing over this is to try and be just one more person who takes action for themselves and takes recognition over the fact that what I am hearing is wrong. You can't deny people their right to speech, but you can express your right to be unhappy with it*.

* = It as in the content of their use of expression...not the right to free speech, lol.


Hahaha Bitch The Whole Point Of 3Oh!3 Is To Make The Songs As Bad As Possible- Thur Makin Fun Of Every Other Offenceive Rap Song- Its A Damn Joke Lol,
You Think 3Oh!3 Is Bad?
Try This . . .
'Play (dirty)' By David Banner
'CBC' By Hed (PE)
'Wake Up' By Hed (PE)
'What's Your Fantasy' By Ludacris
'Voices' By Hed (PE)
'Love Addict' By Hed(PE)

. . . Annnnnd Any Bo Burnham . . . .

Re: Douchebaggery

Ok, I can see where someone might get offended from this song. But in my opinion, it was taken out of context. To understand where 3oh!3 is coming from, you have to listen to all of their songs. I believe, as a fan of 3oh!3, that any lyrics than may seem on the surface a bit suspect are made in jest. I think the whole idea of 3oh!3 is that how they look and where they come from are seemingly at odds with the kind of music they play and the lyrics they sing. And this, to me, is a bit of a stretch:
"I'm sorry, what? Do the HELEN KELLER? Because the ideal woman is unable to hear, see, or speak and can only communicate through hip gyrations?"
The statement, when taken in the lighthearted mood of the song, is not misogynist. I think it's actually good... maybe it will arouse curiosity in the younger generations about Hellen Keller and who she is.
And aside from that, I (and I'm guessing lots of other people) enjoy their songs because of the music, NOT the lyrics.

3oh3 are douchebags making

3oh3 are douchebags making douchebag music. so are hollywoodundead,and asher roth,shwayze... puting females down but they dont seem holy now do they?

One Word

look it up - it will help you understand what 3oh!3 are all about

Really, this will help a new

Really, this will help a new Generation remember Helen Keller? Well, im 18 and I liked the song, but i thought Helen Keller was some kind of famous prostitute. Great way to be remembered eh? I mean maybe ill go write a song that goes "Shhsh girl, light the fire, do the Anne Frank and get in the oven". Sounds great, let a new generation remember the holocaust. Really you guys thats not an excuse. Neither is saying its not as bad as something else. I mean come on, Ted Bundy wasn't as bad as Jack the Ripper. Al-queda isnt as bad as Soviet Russia was. As for the sattire being compared to the lonely island. The lonely island makes fun of white males. Jizz in my pants? yeah thats real degrading to women. At least thats against the grain a little. So maybe their great guys, that means I should go around saying im going to rape and stalk little girls because Im just being funny. Im actually a nice guy. "Monkey see, monkey do" 'nough said


"Well, im 18 and I liked the song, but i thought Helen Keller was some kind of famous prostitute." You're 18, and you didn't know who Helen Keller was? That's so much more offensive to her than this song. FAIL.

Oh my god.'re kidding, right? Of all of the things you could have said to add to the discussion, you had to worry about her not knowing about Helen Keller? Wow.

Did it ever occur to you that not every teacher teaches students about Helen Keller? Maybe she was one of the few who didn't get the chance. At least she understands now who she really is. Better late than never, right? Besides, you and I know nothing about her educational background. She could have been home schooled for all we know. Just...gah, get over it dude. Fff.