Douchebag Decree: The Paul-Supporting Stomper

Tim Profitt standing with his arm around Rand Paul in front of a Rand Paul for Senate sign

This week we're awarding the Decree to a group of Rand Paul supporters who tackled activist Lauren Valle before a Senatorial debate in Kentucky. Special mention goes to Tim Profitt, a Paul volunteer and campaign contributor who stomped on Valle's shoulder and head. Profitt later claimed the stomping was necessary to protect Paul from Valle, who was totally unarmed and already on the ground surrounded by a group of big angry Tea Partiers when he stomped on her. Unapologetic head-stomping? That'll win you the title of Douchebag any day.

Valle is a recent Columbia grad (who, I'd wager, is probably not psyched about the latest douche-tastic antics over at her alma mater, either), and she was at the debate working for MoveOn has created a fake corporation called Republicorp as a way to call attention to what they believe is a strong connection between the Republican party and corporate power. Valle wanted to get a picture with Tea Party favorite Paul holding Republicorp's sarcasm-laden Employee of the Month prize.

As Valle moved to approach Paul with the sign, she was chased by the Paul supporters, who ripped her wig off her head and tackled her to the ground. It was at the end of all this that Profitt saw fit to stomp on her. In the upsetting video of the incident, another Paul supporter can be heard saying, "No no no no no," and at that point Profitt backs off, continuing to verbally admonish Valle.

As if an attacking an unarmed lone activist and stomping on her isn't enough, here's the icing on the douche cake: When a Kentucky news station spoke with Profitt, he was unapologetic about his actions, saying that he had to use his foot because he has a bad back and couldn't bend over. He also said, "I don't think it's that big of a deal," and that he thought Valle owed him an apology! Yikes. 

Profitt has been ordered to appear in court and potentially faces assault charges. Thankfully, Valle has been released from the hospital and is recovering from a concussion and shoulder and arm injuries. But if this is what happens when an activist tries to give someone a satirical award, then I suppose I'm glad we here at Bitch won't be bestowing the Douchebag Decree to Profitt in person.

by Lindsay Baltus
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Another wonderful selection!

Once again, this award is bestowed upon the most deserving of douchebags. Thank you, Bitch.

If it's ANY consolation at

If it's ANY consolation at all, I can't possibly see this as boding well for the Republicans/Tea Partiers. They are beyond out of control at this point and anyone who doesn't see this must be living in an underground cave somewhere.

Sandy, unfortunately there

Sandy, unfortunately there are many people who appear to be living underground, and in caves, who aren't. I don't know your age demographic or where you are from, but please do your part by voting and convincing at least one other person to vote. Assuming "this" does not bode well for republicans or tea partiers is dangerous. I do not mean to belittle your comments at all, but they for some reason smacked me as "we must surely all know this". Well, surely "we" all don't, so please get the word out. I live in liberal Oregon, so sometimes it can seem like I am preaching to the choir, although I do my part and make sure the choir sings loudly. But those of you in contested states, please don't assume the obvious. What may seem obvious to some seems, well, obvious in a completely different sense to others.

Is he actually facing

Is he actually facing charges? The news report linked to said he isn't.

What a truly disgusting human

What a truly disgusting human being. To not only assault a woman, but to be completely unapologetic about it. If I was his wife, I'd run for the hills. I hope that not only he goes to jail for a very long time, but also that Valle sues the crap out of him.

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