10 Reasons: We bring your attention to books, music, and films that showcase talent often ignored by mainstream reviewers

7. We bring your attention to important books, great music, and amazing films that showcase new and diverse talent often ignored or missed by mainstream reviewers.

Here at Bitch, we're always pluggin' away, searching for that next moment in pop culture to cover.  When we're not writing/collecting articles and interviews for the magazine, we're blogging about daily happenings on our website.  And when there's a topic that we didn't get the chance to cover?  We make sure to let you know who did in our weekly link round up, On Our Radar.  Now that 2012 (and maybe the whole world) is coming to an end, we thought we'd give you a list of some of the best content Bitch has covered this year.





    So that's a wrap: just a couple areas of analysis for the year of 2012 brought to you by Bitch Media.

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    We've had a great year responding to all things feminist and pop culture-y. Is there a post we didn't include in the recap that you thought we should've? Let us know in the comments.

    by Emilly Prado
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    Emilly Prado is a writer, photographer, library assistant, and button maker. When not crafting sassy critiques for various publications, she juggles several jobs, daydreams about her next trip, and uses the internet far too much. You can see her work at www.emillyprado.com.

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