Elisha Lim's SISSY Illustrated Calendar Now for Sale at BitchMart!

Bitch is happy to announce that we are now selling Elisha Lim's brand-new illustrated calendar at BitchMart!

One of the pages from the SISSY calendar. The top of the page says sze-yang in in turquoise block handwriting. Underneath, there are a couple paragraphs of handwriting, but this image is too small to make out what the writing says. A person is displayed on the left of the writing, wearing a floral leotard, with dangly earings and turqouise eyeshadow. They are standing up with one hand behind their head and another one being held above their head, wrist bent and fingers pointed out.

Elisha Lim, the illustrator behind the graphic series 100 Butches, is responsible for this new illustrated calendar called SISSY. Each month of this beautiful calendar features portraits of people who identify as, celebrate, and/or challenge the word "sissy," in addition to a few months dedicated to femmes who inspire, each providing their own tips on how to express radical femininity and femmeness.

This calendar page says sidra and ty at the top in yellow block handwriting. Underneath their names are a couple handwritten paragraphs that are too small to read. Two people are shown on this page, one on the right side of the writing and the other on the left side. The one on the left is shown biting their fingernails and looking over at the other person. They have shaggy hair on top of their head and have the sides shaved. They're wearing a yellow halter with a floral pattern. The person on the right is looking right at the camera. They have a black hat, turquoise shirt, and thick-rimmed black glasses on.

Each of the models has provided words on "sequins, glitter, femininity, insults, courage, happiness and femme pride," which are placed alongside the portraits in Lim's own familiar handwriting.

This 8 x 11" calendar has a dateless month format, so it makes a great gift for any year, and can be reused!

This image shows the blank calendar page for January. January is written acrosee the top right side of the page in blocky handwritten letters. The grid for the month is hand-drawn. There are numbers in each of the boxes, but no dates written across the top of the calendar grid.

The calendar is color printed on glossy paper, making each of Lim's beautiful portraits really pop. The images and ideas portrayed in SISSY are radical, celebratory, and femme-tastic, making the calendar an illustrated force to be reckoned with. Buy this calendar today at BitchMart!

by Ashley McAllister
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