Extreme Makeover: Female Condom Edition

female condom

Yesterday, the FDA approved a new, cheaper version of the female condom, which should be available for purchase by 2009. Do we even care? Should we?

According to the Chicago Tribune, female condoms will be 30% cheaper if the FDA-approved version (which is made of synthetic rubber instead of polyurethane) is approved. The article cites expense as a possible reason why female condoms have never really caught on in the US. We might be able to deduce a few other reasons why they aren't that popular by doing a close read of this portion of the article:

Users also complained it was difficult to insert, slippery, sometimes squeaky during sex and unsightly.

Yeah, that doesn't sound all that great. And, the female condom has a 5% failure rate when it comes to preventing pregnancy, which is 2% higher than its male counterpart. Still, it is a way for a woman to take STI and pregnancy prevention into her own hands (or, uh, vagina), and that's a good thing.

So what's the deal?

by Kelsey Wallace
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sometimes i feel like...

i'm the only person who has ever actually used the female condom, much less used it as my primary method of birth control for a time. and i have to say that other than the fact that it takes a couple of seconds more to put in place than a male condom, i have no complaints. in fact, the ring on the inner part actually helps to stimulate the vaginal g-spot, which means good times! also, my college gave them out, so i never had to buy them (although you had to specifically ask for them b/c they did not set them out in a bowl like the do the other condoms). thank goodness, too, because they are mad expensive.

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