Feminist Fistbump: World's Oldest Gymnast Johanna Quaas Kicks Ass at 86

The 57th Guinness Book of World Records is out today, and among the parrot who can slam dunk a basketball and Archie the world's shortest bull is Johanna Quaas, the world's oldest gymnast.

older white woman in a green leotard on the parallel bars
Boomin' Granny

Quaas, a retired PE teacher who is 86 now, began competing as a gymnast at age 56. Aaand now my excuses for skipping the gym because I'm too tired seem even more pathetic.

Quaas was on a UK morning show today and had this to say about being in the Guinness Book: "It is great feeling to be included and I hope the record inspires others to realize it's never too late." If you aren't inspired already, you might be after you watch this video of Quaas KILLING IT on the parallel bars (her performance starts at the 42-second mark).

Read more about Johanna Quaas here. And now I'm off to the gym so that I can keep up with her. Go Johanna!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Thank you for posting this, I

Thank you for posting this, I LOVE IT!!!!! Can we also talk about the kick ass female sumo wrestler who follows Johanna? How awesome is that? I'll tell ya, it's sooper awesome!

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