Parks and Rec Premieres TONIGHT! Five Reasons to Get Psyched for Season Five

After a long, agonizing, Pawnee-less summer, Parks and Rec comes back tonight! Will Leslie and Ben make a long-distance relationship work and renew the romantic hopes dashed by Amy Poehler and Will Arnett's *sniff* real-life divorce? Will Tom Haverford and Ann Perkins call it quits so we can go back to watching Big T hit on women at the Snakehole Lounge? Will Ron Swanson continue to eat all the bacon and eggs you have? (Yes.)

Leslie and Andy on the mall in Washington DC
"That building looks like a boob."

Because, like us, you're probably too excited about this premiere to do anything else between now and 9:30/8:30c, here are five reasons to look forward to Parks and Recreation's fifth season. Let's kick it off with the season five trailer:

1. The Gang Goes to Washington

Not only is Ben working in Washington, DC this season, April is joining him there as well. The combination of careful, sensitive, Requiem For a Tuesday Ben Wyatt and surly Ron Swanson-in-Training April Ludgate is bound to be funny, and it gives the characters a reason to travel back and forth between Pawnee and DC. It also raises the stakes on the show's two primary romantic pairings (well, unless you count Andy and Champion), and though my money's on both couples (Leslie & Ben and Andy & April) to weather the storm, the distance could add some tension to scenarios that might be too cutesy and boring otherwise. Plus Andy thought the "White House" (actually the Capitol) looked "like a boob," so we're off to a good start.

2. Donna's Getting a Twitter Account

You know we love Donna Meagle, and we also love following Retta (the actor who plays her) on Twitter. Her TV recaps are hysterical, and she shares all the latest Parks and Rec news too. So you can imagine how delighted we were to learn that art will imitate life this season: Donna's getting a Twitter account. And Retta wrote some of the tweets herself! This is going to be good.

animated gif of Donna putting an I told you so post-it on the wall
She told you so.

3. Pawnee Politics: Goofy as Ever

One of the best things about Parks and Recreation is how it focuses on a real workplace that is absurd enough to be funny. Unlike say, The Office, where the paper biz is boring so the wacky workplace antics must get ever wackier, the small-town politics of Pawnee are already bananas. In season five, they're *literally* (what up Chris Traeger) bananas—in one scene, Leslie will demonstrate proper condom use to a group of Pawnee seniors using a banana as a prop. Remember that mystery prop list circling the Internet a few weeks ago that included "lots of condoms," "bananas," and an "oxygen tank"? Mystery solved.

4. Jean-Ralphio Returns

What it do nephew? The man Parks and Rec showrunner Mike Schur calls "the world's worst human being," Jean-Ralphio Saperstein himself, will be back this season to help Tom Haverford start a new business. They've already tried getting run over by a Lexus and Entertainment 720—what else is there? Whatever it is, we can't wait.

Jean Ralphio and the words diddly diddly diddly swaaaag under him
Turn that frizown upside-diggity. I'm back!

5. Ron F*cking Swanson

Ron Swanson with the quote when I eat its the food that gets scaredRon Swanson is one of the best damn things on TV, and we aren't just saying that because he said he'd go out for prime rib with us. This season, he actually takes charge of a Parks Department project. Says Mike Schur: "Ron has never been a guy who cared very much about how much got done in his office, so he's not afraid of not getting things done, but there is one duty that Leslie did that he has always believed he could do better than she did it: run the employee appreciation barbecue."

Other reasons to look forward to more Ron: At the 19-second mark in the season five trailer, he appears to be playing dress-up with a little girl, wearing a boa and face paint. Also, rumor has it a possible Swanson love interest will be played by Lucy Lawless. Now that's some solid casting.

Tonight's the night we've all been waiting for! Cook yourself a five-course Parks and Recreation-themed dinner, don your RIP Lil Sebastian t-shirt, set up your Parks Department paper dolls, and treat yo'self to the season five premiere!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Thanks for the reminder! Ill

Thanks for the reminder! Ill be watching


Loved last night's episode. It made me happy all over. And I'm so pleased to hear that my boyfriend Jean-Ralphio will be returning for at least one episode. (I am in love with him in a totally unironic and a little bit gross way.)

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