From the Library: Susie Bright's Big Sex Little Death

When Susie Bright decides to write a memoir, you know it's going to be big. Bright, often referred to as "Susie Sexpert" and even "The Godmother of Erotica", has made quite a name for herself. In addition to co-founding On Our Backs, the first magazine that featured lesbian erotica made by and for women, Bright founded and edited the Best of American Erotica series from 1993 until the last edition was published in 2008. Bright currently advocates for sexual freedom and equality through her podcast called In Bed With Susie Bright and has continued to edit erotic anthologies over the last few years. With her latest project, Big Sex Little Death, Susie Bright has provided us with a memoir that is as smart, colorful and unapologetic as her career continues to be.

Big Sex Little Death is a collection of snapshots from Bright's life—stories that highlight her relationship between the personal and the political, accompanied by photos taken from Bright's personal and family photo albums. Her stories are illuminating, and they'll take turns breaking and warming your heart. This memoir takes on family histories, relationships, sexual empowerment and feminism. Bright writes about her strained relationship with her mother, her first period and sexual experiences, her time as a gun-toting radical high school activist, the ups and downs that later came with being involved with On Our Backs, and the beginnings of a powerful relationship with her own daughter.

If you're in the Portland area tomorrow, come meet Susie Bright at our Community Lending Library's Open House. We'll be eating brunch, raffling off prizes, and checking out books from our free lending library from 1-2:30pm. We'll also be selling copies of Big Sex Little Death at the event, so you'll have an opportunity to purchase your copy and have it signed by Susie Sexpert herself. And then check out the workshop that Bright is hosting at She Bop on Saturday night! Not in Portland? Check out Bright's tour schedule to see when she'll be landing near you.

by Ashley McAllister
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