From the Library: Zine Roundup

Lots of fantastic zines have been showing up in our mailbox lately. Thanks to all of your donations, the library's zine collection has been growing like crazy. Here's a little taste of some of the zines that are new to our collection:

• A few months ago we had a great conversation about marriage, inspired by White Blackbirds: conversations with women who aren't married and don't want to be, a zine of interviews compiled by Katie Haegele. After we reviewed the zine, Haegele got a bunch of emails from women itching to talk about why they didn't want to be married, so she decided to take out her stapler and get to work on a second zine. White Blackbirds No. 2 is a collection of eleven new interviews. Haegele asked these women the same questions as last time, with a few additional questions about the impact that each woman's religious beliefs, cultural upbringing, and sexual orientation have had on her decision to not get married. Be sure to thank Haegele for continuing this conversation by ordering a copy of the zine.

This is What Concerns Me is Susie Cagle's zine series about, well, things that concern her. It's quite likely that these things also concern you. These are comics about high heels for babies, the prevalence of corn products in the US, Obamamania, and the San Francisco Food Chain. Cagle's concerns are packaged inside of colorful zines with lots of wit and beautifully hand drawn images. Order a few of her zines here.

how to come out to your grandma. is one of the most heart-warming zines I have ever read. Andrea Deeken writes about the years that led up to her decision to come out to her grandma. She uses stick figures to tell an anxiety-filled story with a happy ending. Plus, it's a mini zine, and who doesn't love a good pocket sized guide to coming out to the g'ma? For a copy of this zine, email the author at thecoffeediaries(at)

If you're in Portland, stop by our library to check some of these zines out. If you're too far away to visit, feel free to send us some of your own zines. And be sure to fill us in on what zines you've been reading this fall.

by Ashley McAllister
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So excited to see another

So excited to see another White Blackbirds zine!! Thanks for letting us know about it.

I think I could really use

I think I could really use that How to Come Out to your Grandma zine!

how to come out to your grandma

How to come out to your grandma was the sweetest little zine ever. It made me get a little weepy.

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