Funny Ladies Find Love in Tech Support

We were big fans of Jenny Hagel's last video series Feminist Rapper, so you can imagine our delight when she tipped us off to her latest work, the short film Tech Support, directed by Erik Gernand. If you've got nine minutes to spare this afternoon, why not spend them watching a lesbian comedy about women finding love over a tech support hotline? (Warning: This video may be considered mildly NSFW, especially around the time that one of the women starts tapping out "In Your Eyes" in Morse Code on her stapler. Seriously.) Check it out:

Not only is Tech Support just plain funny, it also subverts some stereotypes about technology (that it's for dudes) and relationships (that romantic tropes are for straight people). It pokes fun at the notion of love at first sight phone call without being mean spirited or negative. Oh, and as an extra bonus, it was made and co-written by a feminist! Sure beats wasting time at work watching College Humor videos, doesn't it?Congratulations to Jenny and her colleagues for winning "Best Lesbian Short" at the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival (Germany), "Audience Award" at the Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and "Best Short Film" at the Fresno Reel Pride LGBT Film Festival. Tech Support is even scheduled to appear in several movie theaters in Germany—as Jenny said to us in an email, "Who knew the Germans were so into lesbian comedy?"

by Kelsey Wallace
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Fan F*&%ing tastic! I'm a

<p>Fan F*&amp;%ing tastic! I'm a huge fan of short-story telling and this is it at it's best. "OMG, <em>I</em> went to college!" Loved it.</p>


awwww this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


I absolutely ADORE this! Thanks for sharing!

That is simply and completely

That is simply and completely gorgeous.



good show

Lovely! was funny and irreverant...with lovely title sequences...:) well done those involved.

So cute, I love, love

So cute, I love, love stories, I wish they occured more often...

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