GIRLS Paper Dolls by Kyle Hilton!

I love illustrator Kyle Hilton. Based on the paper dolls he makes, the two of us should be best friends who watch every television show and movie together always. Case in point: His new set, a collaboration with Vulture, is of the cast of GIRLS!

Hanna paper doll
Hannah Horvath, complete with union suit, laptop, and tub cupcake.

Marnie paper doll
Marnie Michaels comes with that coffee table Charlie made for her! Also: Hannah's diary.

Shoshanna paper doll
Shoshanna Shapiro is never without her tasty abortion snacks.

Jessa paper doll
Jessa Johanson is your ticket into the Age of Innocence Fan Club with that feather getup from the Bushwick party!

Maybe these GIRLS dolls can be what the American Girl dolls were back in the day (before you could get one made to look like your face) when you and your friends each picked your American Girl doll based on her backstory and your personality. I was a Molly back in 1992, and my best friends were a Samantha and a Kirsten, respectively. To this day, I am really good at guessing which American Girl doll someone owned when she was a kid. Now we can relive those days with GIRLS dolls! Dibs on Hannah.

You can print out your own copies of the GIRLS paper dolls here. Do it in time for this week's episode so you can dance your dolls along to whatever shenanigans the girls get up to this week! Adam doll not included.

by Kelsey Wallace
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