Giving new meaning to the term bike 'racks'

This pains me to write, because I adore David Byrne. The man is incredibly inspiring, always active, never resting on his laurels, a great social critic and just plain rockin' (his music made up a big chunk of my 'growing-up' soundtrack). So I was pretty bummed by one of the bike racks he recently created for the
New York City (see the full article on The New York Times site). Each rack is in a different shape that relates to the location (for example, a dollar sign on Wall Street). It's a great way to add a little glamor to cycling, which is, of course a great way to use less gasoline, which is a great way to save the planet etc.

For 44th St. and 7th Ave, he chose to use the 'Mudflap Tammy' of Trucker Mudflap fame.

Said DB:

Somebody hinted to the Department of Transportation that the city might get negative publicity. She's definitely low culture, but there's nothing obscene about it—and in a way it acknowledges Times Square's seedy past. I heard that Janette had to go to Bloomberg just to make sure it was O.K.

Obscene? Hardly. Clueless and slightly offensive? Quite possibly. What do y'all think?

PS: Thanks to 'Amy' in San Francisco for the tip.


by Briar Levit
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as a bike rider...

i think i would have an issue with chaining my bike to a woman... the rack itself may not be indecent or obscene, but it's intended purpose makes it more offensive to me.

A valuable public service

I think the 'Mudflap Tammy (aka: MT; she must have some interesting parents...)' bike stand is a great idea myself. MT is an image that guides me when traveling on the road. When I see MT anywhere its like a beacon that boldly says to the world: "I smell like sweat, fried food, and 10/30W and I WILL cut you off if you get too close." Many of life's little pains give such an obvious warning. When I see MT in the Big Apple, I can interpret it as a warning that an abnormal number of people in the area have been on the Jerry Springer show...approach with caution!


it would be one thing if it had some artistic merit, but it doesn't really. none of those bike racks do. they aren't even any better as bike racks. if someone gave me money to design some bike racks, i'd try to improve the general design. there is no way that man took more than 8 minutes coming up with those idea. 8 fucking minutes.

Bike racks

I can only presume that the whole project is kind of tongue-in-cheek. I mean, chaining my bike to a giant dollar sign, or to a *car* for that matter, makes me uncomfortable too, speaking as a anti-capitalist who is trying to sever her ties from the oil industry...

We have a running joke in the household that the mudflap lady is actually just riding a recumbent bicycle. ( So, depending on what kind of bike you own, this might be a totally appropriate design for a bike rack. *grin*

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