Happy 96th Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

As a Portland native and book lover, I've spent my whole life obsessed with Beverly Cleary. I wore the spines out of all of her books, my mom took us to Grant Park when they unveiled the Beverly Cleary statue garden (and Madame Cleary herself was there!), my cousin works at Beverly Cleary Middle School, I watched the crap out of my taped-from-TV copies of that late '80s Ramona series, etc.. If you've found as much to love about her and her work as I have (and I bet many of you have), join me in celebrating her 96th birthday today!

Beverly Cleary, a white woman in a blue sweater, reads from one of her books
Many happy returns!

What shall we do to celebrate? Smash hardboiled (or maybe not) eggs on our foreheads? Call all of our pets "Ribsy" for the rest of the day? Decorate a cake with toothpaste roses?

Here's an interview Cleary gave last year, on her 95th, in the LA Times. Happy Birthday, Beverly!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Hear hear!

Happy happy birthday! And thanks for all the great characters and stories!

Creator of the best

Creator of the best read-aloud girl hero stories ever - 96 years young today. Joyous birthday wishes. Thanks forever for Ramona.

My goodness! This brings back

My goodness! This brings back such great memories. Loved Ramona as a child- would still read about her now too! Happy birthday, Beverly Cleary.

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