Happy Birthday, Frances Perkins! Four Ways to Celebrate the Mother of the American Labor Movement's Birthday.

Frances Perkins was born 133 years ago today. We're big fans of Perkins here at Bitch HQ. Here's what the back of our Frances Perkins coffee mugs have to say about the incredible woman: "The first woman appointed to a presidential cabinet, Frances Perkins served as the United States Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945. She was instrumental in bringing the labor movement into the New Deal coalition, and was also a force behind passing the Fair Labor Act, which established laws governing minimum wage, overtime, and a 40-hour workweek."

We thought we'd offer a few suggestions for how to honor the mother of the American labor movement's birthday.

1. Read up on Frances Perkins' life.

Lucky you, Danny wrote a great Adventures in Feministory on Frances Perkins a couple years ago, highlighting the amazing work she did on the New Deal.

A rectangular cake sits on top of a table. The cake is decorated like a social security card. It says Social Security at the top, with the numbers 008-14-1935, Happy 75th!, with Frances Perkins written above a signature line.

2. Make a cake and invite your friends over.

Look at this awesome cake that the Frances Perkins Center made in honor of the 75th anniversary of Social Security, a program that Perkins was responsible for bringing into existence. We'd love to see someone make a Frances Perkins birthday cake—send us a photo if you do! Bonus points if you wear a cool hat while eating the cake (Perkins had lots of amazing hats).

3. Get your very own Frances Perkins coffee mug from BitchMart.

In honor of her birthday, our Frances Perkins coffee mugs are 10% off for today only. Order yours today and you'll be spending your mornings drinking coffee with this incredible woman in no time at all.

4. Get involved with today's labor movement.

If Frances Perkins were alive today, you can bet she'd be fighting for the working poor. Take her lead and starting fighting for the rights of undocumented workers in the US. Speak up about the need for an increased minimum wage. Start planning for May Day! Get involved with or donate to labor organizations in your area—in Portland, we have some great organizations such as Jobs with Justice and We Are Oregon, who fight for workers' rights. Sign this petition telling Obama not to make cuts to Social Security today. Do something to make Perkins proud. 

Happy Birthday, Frances Perkins! You sure were swell.


by Ashley McAllister
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