Thanksgiving Roundup!

crayon-colored hand turkeyIf you live in the US, you're probably celebrating Thanksgiving today. And if you're online right now, you probably need some links and video clips to distract you from whatever the holiday has brought your way (canceled flights, conservative relatives, overcooked yams, etc.). Here are some things we're reading/watching/suggesting today to help stuff your Thanksgiving with pop culture and criticism (the best stuffing there is, except for the kind my mom makes). Be sure to share what you're reading in the comments! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Racialicious has a Turkey Day links roundup, including this Babelgum video of kids reenacting the first Thanksgiving:
  • For you audiophiles, NPR has a few suggestions on how to talk politics at the Thanksgiving table (bonus: you can listen to this one on headphones while you do the vacuuming your mom is MAKING YOU DO instead of watching the Macy's Day Parade. Or is that just me?)
  • Colorlines offers 5 Ways to Face Race at the Thanksgiving Table—and Not Choke.
  • Someecards can be hit or miss, but they've got a few good Thanksgiving options if you want to send an e-greeting to a special holiday friend. Might we suggest the "Happy Thanksgiving to someone obsessively checking email on Thanksgiving" option?
  • Got a great outfit on for the holiday? Send a photo of your duds to The Ironing Board Collective!
  • If you've got a Netflix subscription, there are some awesome Thanksgiving episodes available for instant streaming, guaranteed to distract you and your loved ones during your post-dinner drinks. A few hits: Cheers, "Thanksgiving Orphans"; Roseanne, "We Gather Together"; The Wonder Years, "The Ties That Bind"; The Cosby Show, "Cliff's Wet Adventure."
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving episodes, it's not streaming on Netflix but no Thanksgiving roundup would be complete without the "Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving" episode of The Gilmore Girls. The hilarious scene where Sookie gets drunk while Jackson deep fries things is non-embeddable, but here's a screen shot:

    Sookie wears a blanket and holds a bottle of alcohol. The text reads 'I just turned Barefoot Contessa into a drinking game. Every time she uses a knife or butter or salt, I drink.

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is just as fun as Sookie's (and if it needs a boost, try that Barefoot Contessa drinking game). This year—and every year—we're thankful for you, our amazing readers!

by Kelsey Wallace
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I like all the ones from

I like all the ones from Friends. Also, the one from the Muppet Show with the Swedish Chef makes me laugh :)

WKRP in Cincinnati

Showing my age here, but the Mr. Carlson's Thanksgiving turkey drop is the best. Thanksgiving. episode. ever. "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

"You're going to go to bed

"You're going to go to bed soon right?"
"Unless they deep fried it!"


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