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Welcome to my blog, The Body Electric, an exploration of the body in space and time.

 So, who am I? I am a questioner, a satellite, a longtime resident of The Space Between—the territory that stretches across and beyond gender boundaries. I initially started my personal blog, "This Fragile Fortress" as a way to chronicle my experiences on the edge of gender, and to create a space for those who, like me, have modified their bodies through top surgery but who don't identify with a bi(polar)nary gender system.

I spend a lot of time noticing the mechanics of how the body is represented in film, television, books, the web, and in advertising. I am particularly interested in the ways that our relationships with our bodies—regardless of gender identity—are often dictated by cultural norms, and ways that people challenge or break free of these constraints.

Coming up in this blog: Whole Foods Tells Me What I Need; "True Blood" and the Transgender Vampire Metaphor; Tattoos and Body Reclamation (or Not) in Modern America; Caster Semenya and the Gender Police; Tampax and the Man Pad: Pushing Boundaries or Reinforcing Them (or Both)? Speaking of ad campaigns, stay tuned for Why Are People Invested in Gender OR The Masculinity Feedback Loop: How Do You Know That "Dad Wasn't a Metrosexual?"

It's a wild world. See you soon.

by Thomas Page McBee
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