How do you take your coffee? Why, in a Bitch mug, of course!

Whether you take your coffee black like Liz Lemon or full of milk, sugar, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles like Leslie Knope, you can now drink it in feminist style with a set of oh-so-amazing Bitch coffee mugs! Behold:

Cute, right? These puppies are now available from BitchMart, our online store (you knew we had one of those, right?) either solo or as a set of four. AND you modern folks can microwave them AND put them in the dishwasher!

Non-coffee lovers, fear not: These mugs can hold all sorts of things besides coffee. Try them for tea, juice, wine, whiskey gingers, or any other delicious beverage—you won't be disappointed! Also, you could put them on your desk to hold pens and pencils and such. (Or use one as a toothbrush holder—the possibilities are endless!)

Normally I would say that these mugs would make a great (insert upcoming holiday here) gift, but since it's the beginning of summer and the only upcoming holidays are of the decidedly non-gift-giving kind, I'll suggest that you buy these mugs for your deserving self. Support what you love by drinking what you love out of a Bitch coffee mug that you love! Now that's a whole lotta love.

by Kelsey Wallace
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I can think of a "holiday" or two

Numerous summer birthdays are afloat. Also, these make great back-to-school gifts. Need something cool to use in your dorm room? Look no further!

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