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As 2010 draws to a close, it's the time of year that nonprofits ask for donations. Bitch Media is no different; we need ongoing financial support. Usually, we would ask you to make a gift after telling you why you should support us. However, Bitch Media is lucky. We don't need to tell you why Bitch is important because we can let our supporters tell their own stories. This week, Everett Maroon, esteemed Bitch Blogger, explains why he ♥s Bitch.

I came out of a cultural studies program with new eyes. We know these moments: we can't read the newspaper anymore. Television is riddled with offensive stereotypes and harmful messages for women, people of color, transgender folks, queer people, and of course, many of us occupy more than one of these communities. Our favorite books, when reread after consciousness raising, disturb us because we hadn't noticed how chocked full of lies they are. We ask to see cultural deconstructions in media. Why aren't there feminist analyses of popular culture?

There are. Bitch Media has produced a principled response to popular culture since the mid-1990s with Bitch magazine, and now also through the blogs at bitchmedia.org, identifying the music, books, television, film, zeitgeists, and news pundits who mark the edges of popular culture itself.

I've read Bitch as an active member of the Lesbian Avengers, when second wave feminism told me being butch was terrible, as I made a gender transition, and after I started getting male privilege. I've attempted to deconstruct my social position to feminism through the years, and I appreciate that Bitch Media has done the same, especially when so much about our culture has shifted conservative-ward. But we're also in an era in which several states protect LGBT civil rights, more books than ever flood the market, many of them from progressive publishers, digital advances have opened access to independent musicians, and politics is in a movement of better access to government. Each of those circumstances is fraught with pushback, angry rhetoric, and some degree of forward momentum. How significant that Bitch Media is here to help make sense of it all.

I can't recommend more strongly that you join me in supporting Bitch Media. It's a great way to continue their work and fill your coffee table, computer screen, and mind with smart ideas. Donate to Bitch Media right now!

Please share the love and post your own story about why you ♥ Bitch in the comments, and support what you love!

Photo of Everett Maroon standing in what was once his living room in Washington, DC, with him looking at the camera a little shyly, ignoring a bright lamp on in the background.
by Everett Maroon
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Everett Maroon is a memoirist, essayist, and fiction writer originally from New Jersey and now living in Walla Walla, Washington. His blog is transplantportation.com and he tweets at @EverettMaroon.

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Critical analysis

I love that Bitch provides a voice to women and queer/LGBT advocates. What I hope to see going forward is an emphasis on the "analysis" part of critical analysis. Some writers at Bitch are already doing so with professionalism, principles, and eloquence. The last thing I want to see is for Bitch to turn into a bitch (little B) forum. Smart feminist/queer theorists need not rant or exaggerate to make feminism/queer advocacy relevant and meaningful. I hope this piece signals a dedication to that principled approach to which the writer refers. Good writing demands respect in and of itself; leave the reactionary, meandering rants to the right.

I <3 Bitch because in a world

I <3 Bitch because in a world that sometimes makes me feel so utterly defeated, it helps me survive. It reminds me that I am not alone, and that there is a community that shares my political and social concerns, even if we all approach these issues in unique ways. Thanks Bitch, for being a part of my life.

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