I Can Has Feminizm?

Kelsey Wallace
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Saturday is upon us again, bringing with it late mornings, strolls in the park, treasure-filled estate sales, and. . . FEMINIST LOLZ! (Cue electric guitar solo here)

You know what they say, a lack of critical thinking killed the cat. This one should be okay then.


Oh, Rush Limbaugh. Maybe feminists can't stand you, but it looks like you've got a fan here with this walrus. Oh wait, I think she's being sarcastic. Never mind.


Women are the weaker sex, huh? I don't think you should have said that to this wolf.


A big thank you to our readers who have been sending us their hilarious LOLz! You can make your own here and send 'em to us here. Have a great weekend, and happy LOL-ing!

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LOL for realz

The dominant paradigms one is my favorite so far. It's amazing.

That walrus is adorable

That walrus is adorable

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