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Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" could be heard 'round the world this week, commemorating the untimely death of writer/director/producer John Hughes, whose films shaped many a feminist mind during the 1980s (Molly Ringwald was one sassy teen, after all). Well don't worry John Hughes, we won't forget about you, and to prove it, this installment of feminizt LOLz was created in your honor.


Sixteen Candles LOL


Pretty in Pink LOL


Ferris Bueller's Day Off LOL

You will be missed, John Hughes.

If you've got some feminizt LOLz lying around to send us, or if you want to make a few, you can do just that by visiting the I Can Has Cheezburger LOL builder and sending your creations to us here. Now go watch some John Hughes movies, and have a great weekend.

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The eighties were awful for feminism

I'm really surprised that we're celebrating some of these movies. I'm not familiar with each movie, but Sixteen Candles portrays some of the most obvious, egregious racism against Asian people since Breakfast at Tiffany's, and it casually portrays and then totally dismisses a case of date rape as being a part of teen culture. Not to mention that weird scene in which the main character is felt up by her groping aunt and uncle and she apparently doesn't feel safe about standing up for herself and just saying "no" to their bizarre and unwanted attention. (C'mon folks, didn't anybody else find that movie problematic?)

Sixteen Candles

Indeed, there are several problematic aspects of Sixteen Candles, as well as some of Hughes' other movies. Amy Benfer discusses these, as well as some potentially redeeming qualities of his films at <a href="http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/feature/2009/08/11/16_candles/index.... target="_blank">Salon's Broadsheet</a>.

<i>Take note: Opinions expressed are those of their respective authors, not necessarily those of</i> Bitch. <i>Dig?</i>

Your best lolz yet!

Nice job, Ms. Wallace. I was sad to hear about John Hughes; Ferris Beuller in particular is close to my heart. (My parents saw it right before I was born, and I joke that this explains a lot about me.)
To the poster(s) above, I found Weird Science awfully offensive gender politics-wise, but I haven't seen Sixteen Candles since childhood and don't recall the date rape allusion. Would you mind recapping for me?


Never mind, just saw your link. Thanks!
On a different note, I recently heard someone refer to She's Having a Baby as misogynistic -- what do you all think?

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