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Easter is tomorrow, and whether you celebrate the holiday or not you can still partake in the holiday's most delicious of joys: candy. Easter candy is the best candy of the entire year – it's better than Halloween candy or Valentine's Day candy or even Christmas candy. Don't agree? Well, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section, but you're gonna have to answer to this LOLcat (or should I say LOLCabbit?):

In honor of Easter and its awesome candy selection, here is a roundup of candy-related links:

The annual Peeps Show diorama contest from The Washington Post. This year's selections are amazing – check out Super Peeplo Brothers!

Serious Eats has a recipe for making sushi from Easter candy!

Martha Stewart with an idea for making a veggie tray completely out of cookies and candy. Jelly beans for olives? Whatev, it looks delicious.

Remember this? The Cadbury bunny is still cute and hilarious after all these years.

What other Easter candy media is out there? Share it in the comments section!

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