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It's Saturday again, so hit the mute button on those cartoons, put down your bowl of fruit loops, and get ready for some feminist LOL-ing!

Our first feminist kitteh took a peek at Annalee's blog post, The New York Times "Reaches Out to Heavier Young Women." She didn't like what the Gray Lady had to say about fat acceptance, either:


And speaking of animals responding the the media, this cougar (and don't even get her started on that term) has a message for CNN based on Mandy's post, Are Questions about Feminism Being Obsolete Obsolete? Her thoughts on it are pretty basic:


Finally, this little marmot(?) is tired of being hollered at every time she leaves her den:


You hear that, animal kingdom? kthxbai.

A big thanxxx to our readers who have been sending us their hilarious LOLz! You can make your own by visiting I Can Has Cheezburger and send 'em to us here. Have a great weekend, and happy LOL-ing! kthxbai!

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feminist lolz cats

I've just seen these few, but these aren't funny. I understand they are getting at a deeper message, but there are ways to do that and not loose the humor. People are always saying that feminists don't have a sense of humor. Don't prove them right! Come on ladies (and guys) be bitches and get that witty upfront humor out there.

Also, these captcha math questions, I think it would be really funny to have a really hard algebra problem at some point instead of simple math.

I think these are...

HILARIOUS! Just thought ya'll should know.

It's an otter

Just thought you might like to know - that's an otter, not a marmot!! :D


My apologies to the otter for the mistaken identity :) I guess she's not my sweetie OR my marmot!

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