I Can Has Feminizm?

Kelsey Wallace
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It's the weekend again, and while in some cultures that might mean a well deserved break from work and an afternoon of drinking beer on the porch, here at the Bitch blog it means FEMINIZT LOLz! (You know you love 'em.)

This cat heard on NPR that HBO is possibly developing not one, but two feminist shows for next season. Sounds good, but I agree with the cat's assessment:


Remember how American Apparel just keeps getting pornier? Yeah, this kitteh does too:


And this bitch has been catcalled dogcalled one too many times this summer:


Have a great weekend, feminizts! And as always, we lovez it wen u makez ur own feminizt lolz. You can do just that by visiting the I Can Has Cheezburger LOL builder and sending your creations to us here. kthxbai!

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